Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Advait to plan to use Mallika to separate Ekam and Nehmat!


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Colors’ popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Advait using different tactics to separate Ekam and Nehmat, while Ekam follows Jayveer to find who wants to separate him and Nehmat.

Previously, it was seen that Ekam and Nehmat met secretly and shared a moment together. Jayveer phoned Ekam and told him about the SSP coming to their home for lunch and asked him to return home.

Ekam thought of using this opportunity to find out the reason behind Jayveer’s suspension. Shamsher goons tried to attack Nehmat. The goons chased Nehmat.

The latter ran to save her life. She hid and called Ekam. But Ekam was busy talking with the SSP. Renuka saw Nehmat’s call and deliberately moved the juice tray in front of the phone so that Ekam didn’t see it.

The goons spotted Nehmat and shot a bullet aiming at her. Nehmat got scared. Meanwhile, Ekam noticed the missed calls from Nehmat and grew worried about her.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Ekam will look for Nehmat. Meanwhile, Advait will make a pretence of saving Nehmat from the goons. Ekam and Nehmat will meet. Nehmat will tell him what had happened.

Ekam will console a scared Nehmat. He will reveal that there’s a connection between Fateh-Tejo’s accident and her dad’s suspension. They will decide not to meet till they find who wants their separation.

Later, Advait will tell his father that he won Nehmat’s trust to oblige her to do what they want. He will recall Mallika introducing Nehmat as her best friend. He will think of using Mallika to separate Ekam and Nehmat.

He will message Mallika asking her to meet him. Ekam will follow Jayveer and will see him meeting a goon who will threaten him by showing a gun.

Will Advait be successful in his plan? Will Ekam find out the truth?

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