Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Advait to try to kill Nehmat?


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Colors TV’s popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Nehmat catching Advait and Mallika red-handed.

Previously, it was seen that Naaz planned to give Nehmat a shock. She wrote a letter like Advait wrote it to Nehmat, asking the latter to come to the farm house for a surprise. Nehmat doubted if Advait had really changed or he was acting.

However, Nehmat decided to go. Meanwhile, Advait and Mallika met in the farm house and started to grow closer. Here, Harleen and Ekam helped Nehmat to reach the farm house when her car broke down.

Ekam and Harleen wiere on the way. Ekam was worried about Nehmat as he didn’t trust Advait. However he drove off when Harleen said that Ekam would only increase Nehmat’s problem by going back there. Here, Nehmat went inside the farm house and was shocked to see Mallika with Advait in the farmhouse.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Nehmat will be shocked to realize that Advait has been cheating on her with Mallika. She will berate Advait. She will say to Mallika that she would have left Advait if Mallika had told her that still loves him.

Mallika will say that she did this to give Nehmat the taste of her own medicine. Mallila will call Nehmat and Advait a fraud jodi perfect for each other and angrily walk away as her revenge got fulfilled. Nehmat will break her relationship with Advait.

Advait will refuse to accept it as he needs Nehmat to be with him to win the election. Nehmat will slap Advait when he confesses he wanted to take revenge Ekam using Mallika. A furious Advait will drag Nehmat upstairs.

He will attack her. Nehmat’s head hurt an object hard and she will faint. Elsewhere, Ekam who is with Harleen will sense that Nehmat is in some problem and will grow worried about her. Harleen will decide to go and check on Nehmat for Ekam’s peace of mind. They will rush to Nehmat.

What willl happen next? Can Ekam reach in time and save Nehmat from Advait?

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