Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Angad to confront Jasmine?


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Colors’ popular show Udaariyaan is all set for high voltage drama with Tejo getting shocked knowing that Rupy called the groom family to meet her during holi celebration.

Previously it was seen that Virks discuss about Fateh-Tejo. Jasmine said that she would have ran away in Tejo’s place. Mahi agreed with Jasmine and requested Buzzo to convince Fateh-Tejo. But Jasmine said that Tejo will never agree to elope. Later Jasmine and Rupy got shocked on seeing on the news that the priest, who predicted about Fateh-Tejo’s future, got arrested for fraudulent. Jasmine immediately phoned Buzzo and told him about the same. She said to Buzzo to talk to Fateh-Tejo about their eloping plan.

Buzzo talked to Fateh-Tejo in Gurudwara and suggested them eloping since Rupy will never forgive Fateh. Tejo and Fateh refused to run away. They said that they don’t want to do anything will ashame Rupy. They said that they prefer to stay unmarried whole life instead of marrying without Rupy’s consent. Rupy overheard their talk.

Later Satti announced Tejo that Rupy called groom family and requested Tejo to meet them once for Rupy’s sake. Tejo got surprised on seeing Fateh coming thert.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Tejo, Fateh, the virks and Sandhus will perform the puja. Angad will say to Jasmine that she’s a great actress, she found a cheap priest and made Fateh and Tejo’s horoscope and created a problem in that horoscopes and made that horoscopes reach Rupy, but her fate was bad like always. Jasmine will look on angrily.

What will happen next? Does Angad is right about Jasmine? Jasmine is the real mastermind?

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