Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Ekam and Nehmat to pray for Harleen!


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Colors TV’s popular daily soap, Udaariyaan, is gearing up for more drama with the doctor informing Jasmine about Harleen’s chances of survive while Nehmat decides to sacrifice her love for Ekam to Harleen.

In the current track it shown that Harleen takes the bullet by coming infront of Nehmat when Shamsher shoots. Ekam and Nehmat gets shocked and pleads her to wake up. Ekam asks someone to call an ambulance. The police team arrives and arrests Shamsher.

Jasmine and the Sandhu’s learns about Harleen’s state so rushes to the hospital. Ekam and Nehmat brings Harleen to hospital. Jasmine breaksdown seeing Harleen’s state. Nehmat blames herself. She also reveals it’s Shamsher who fired the bullet.

Jasmine meets Shamsher and threatens to destroy him and Advait if anything happens to Harleen. Shamsher gets mad. Ekam and Nehmat goes to the temple. They both does all the works in the temple then prays for Harleen.

The doctor informs the Sandhu’s and Jasmine about Harleen’s critical state and asks them to pray God because it’s the only hope left for them. Jasmine gets shocked while the Sandhu’s cries.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Ekam will thank the God for saving Harleen. The hospital staff will inform the Sandhu’s and Jasmine that Harleen is out of danger. Jasmine and Sandhu’s will rush to meet Harleen.

Harleen will open her eyes and calls Jasmine. Jasmine will get relieved. Later the doctor will show the report to Harleen and tell her the slim chances to come out of it. Harleen will pale looking at the reports in her hand.

What will happen next? Will Jasmine allow Nehmat to meet Harleen?

Why did Harleen get shocked seeing the report’s in her hand?

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