Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Ekam and Nehmat to share a romantic moment


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Colors’ popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama, with Naaz wanting to go to the birthday to which Nehmat was invited at any cost.

Previously, it was seen that Randhawa recalled Tejo and Fateh’s accident and felt guilty for killing Nehmat’s parents. Meanwhile, Nehmat was watching Fateh and Tejo’s video and photos and cried, missing them.

The next morning, Rupy saw Nehmat entering the house in the early morning and asked her where she was coming from. Nehmat asked him to read her article in her college’s magazine. Meanwhile, Ekam asked Mallika where she had gone in the early morning.

Mallika asked Ekam to ask Nehmat. Just then, they heard her parents loudly arguing. Ekam’s mom asked Randhawa the reason for his suspension, which he refused to say. Mallika asked Ekam what happened 16 years ago, to which Ekam said that he didn’t know and dad didn’t want to say.

Mallika and Nehmat wrote an article in which they exposed their college professor’s true face. Their friends praised them for the same. Nehmat and Mallika were invited to Rony’s birthday party. Naaz also wanted to go to that party.

Naaz asked Nehmat to take her along with her to the party. Nehmat refused as she already planned to take Ekam with her. Mallika lied that she was also taking someone with her to the party. Later, Naaz overheard Nehmat and Mallika’s conversation and was determined to go to that party at any cost.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Nehmat and Ekam will share a romantic moment. Meanwhile, Naaz will meet Ekam’s mom. Ekam’s mom will talk to Rony’s mom on call and will get entry for Naaz to the party. Naaz will leave having a smile of victory.

Will Nehmat find out Ekam’s dad is responsible for her parents’ death?

Will her relationship with Ekam be affected after learning the truth?

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