Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Ekam to badger his father to tell the truth about Fateh-Tejo’s accident


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Colors popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Mallika’s prospective groom liking Nehmat rejecting Mallika.

Previously it was seen that the Malhotras phoned Renuka and shocked her by saying that Gautam liked Nehmat, not her daughter, Mallika. Renuka became angry with Nehmat, recalling Naaz’s advice. She glares at Ekam, who was on a video call with Nehmat.

On the other hand, Nehmat was getting marriage proposals from wealthy families, which caused Naaz to burn in jealousy. Renuka rebuked Ekam and Mallika for always roaming with Nehmat. She blamed Nehmat for Gautam rejecting Mallika and asked her to stay away from Nehmat.

Ekam defended Nehmat and expressed his love for her. But Renuka, who was brainwashed by Naaz, exclaimed that Nehmat would ruin Ekam and Mallika’s lifes. Meanwhile, Nehmat was talking to Fate-Tejo’s photo and missing them.

She told them that she chose Ekam, who is an ideal life partner for her. Ekam had a nightmare in which Jay committed suicide by shooting himself. Ekam was disturbed after that nightmare. The next morning, Nehmat found Ekam worried and pacified him.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Ekam will pester his dad to tell the truth about Fateh and Tejo’s accident since he was handling that case.

Later, Ekam will be angrily practicing in the rain. On the other hand, Rupy will be cleaning the cupboard. He will find Jasmine’s letter and will curse himself for not destroying it earlier. Just then Nehmat will enter the room.

Rupy will panic and will hide the latter in his pocket. But he will drop the letter on the ground mistakenly. Nehmat will spot the latter and will pick it up. She will open it to read.

Will Ekam find the truth about Fateh and Tejo’s accident?

Will Nehmat read the letter and learn the truth about her real identity?

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