Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Fateh to get furious on Jasmine


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Colors popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Tejo getting her memory back.

Previously it was seen that Fateh reached warehouse and saw police taking an unconscious Tejo to the hospital. Fateh accompanied them. Meanwhile Jasmine was in a clinic hoping Tejo would have died by now. She asked doctor to inform her parents. Doctor obliged and informed Rupy.

Satti and Rupy rushed to the hospital. Jasmine lied that Tejo ran away pushing her down due to which she got stomachache and came to the clinic. Other Tejo regained her memory. She gained her consciousness. She pushed Fateh away when he got close to her. She misunderstood Fateh and lashed out at him.

Tejo accused Fateh and Jasmine of being complicit of her attempted to murder. Fateh got happy realizing Tejo got her memory back. Fateh tried to clear the misunderstanding, but in vain.

Tejo got shocked when she learned that 9 months had passed from the day of her accident and her child was killed during that accident. She blamed Fateh for killing her child and asked doctor to call police.

Later Fateh came to Tejo taking a ward boy disguise to talk to Tejo. But Tejo shouted again blaming him. Just then Police came. Tejo asked to arrest Fateh for trying to kill her. Police arrested Fateh.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Tejo will tell that Fateh killed her child. She was pregnant with Fateh’s child shocking all. Fateh will bring Jasmine to the warehouse. He will scare Jasmine with the fire torch and will ask who brought Tejo here and who ignited the fire.

What will happen next? Can Fateh clear Tejo’s misunderstanding?

Will Fateh find out that Jasmine attempted to kill Tejo?

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