Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Fateh to learn about Jasmine manipulating Tejo


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Colors popular Show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Gurpreet demanding Rupy to send Tejo to the mental asylum.
Previously Jasmine manipulated Tejo and took her out. She threw herself in front of the car and pretended to get unconscious.

Jasmine was rushed to the hospital. Virks arrived to the hospital on knowing this. Nimmo provoked Gurpreet against Tejo saying that she must be responsible for Jasmine’s accident. Gurpreet enquired the boy who witnessed the accident. That boy accused Tejo of deliberately pushing Jasmine in front of the car.

Gurpreet called Tejo mad. Rupy heard this and argued with her. Gurpreet lashed out Rupy for sending Tejo to a mental asylum. Fateh came and stopped their fight. Fateh saw that Tejo was missing. He looked for her and found angrily sitting apart. He acted as monkey and convinced her.

Gurpreet saw this and got irked. Later Gurpreet tried to persuade Fateh to leave Trjo stating that she was dangerous for Jasmine. Fateh got determined to find the truth. Fateh confronted Jasmine and asked why she took Tejo out with her and condemned her.

Jasmine lied that Tejo insisted to take her out. Gurpreet threatened Rupy to register a police complaint if he didn’t send Tejo to the mental asylum.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Fateh will ask Tejo why she went out with Jasmine. Tejo will say that to meet Fateh as he called Jasmine and asked her to bring her. Fateh’s doubt on Jasmine will get stronger after hearing this. Jasmine will think of get rid of Tejo. The latter will be in the Gurudwara.

Jasmine will call Tejo. The latter will get happy after talking over the phone. She will come out running. Jasmine will smirk and will think that Fateh won’t be able to save Tejo this time.

Satti will say to Rupy that Tejo is missing and will get worried about her.

Fateh will get shocked on knowing this.

What will happen next?

Will Jasmine get successful in her evil plan?

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