Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Fateh to leave Tejo in the ashram?


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Colors popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with family deciding to send Tejo to the mental asylum for her wellbeing.

Previously it was seen that family got shocked learning that Tejo got kidnapped by a criminal who had escaped from the jail.

Gurpreet asked Sandhus to send Tejo to the mental asylum for her own protection as no one guaranteed that this type of incident wouldn’t repeat in the future. Later Lolvely told Jasmine that she heard Satti and Rupy talking and it seemed they were planning to send Tejo to the mental asylum and they were going to talk about the same to Fateh.

Jasmine got overjoyed and danced on the success of her plan when she was alone. Fateh got shocked when he learned Satti and Rupy’s decision. Ruppy and Satti explained him that they had taken this decision for Tejo’s wellbeing. Rupy left the final decision on Fateh’s hand. Fateh was feeling helpless.

Later Kushbeer talked to Fateh and said that he supported Rupy’s decision as he found it right for Tejo. He asked Fateh to take a decision considering Tejo’s safety and wellbeing. Later Fateh was punching the bag hurting himself.

Gurpreet came to Fateh and said hurting himself wouldn’t help. She asked him to decide by tonight what type of life he wants for Tejo. Fateh’s alter ego appeared and asked him to leave Tejo in the mental asylum as he failed to protect her. Fateh shouted and broke down.

Mahi and Simran consoled him. The next day Fateh decided to take Tejo for a family picnic.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Tejo will happily dance and Fateh will look at her getting emotional. He will ask Tejo if she wants to meet Amma.

Tejo will get excited to meet Amma and her ashram friends and will immediately agree. Fateh will bring Tejo to the Sharavan ashram in Barnala. He will feel hesitant to go back leaving Tejo there.

What will happen next? What Fateh will decide?

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