Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Fateh to make a plan to reconcile Kushbeer and Rupy


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Colors’ popular show Udaariyaan is getting more interesting with Jasmine threatening Fateh saying that she has planning a shocking surprise for Tejo and Fateh.

In the previous episode it was seen that Tejo got a rose and note. Tejo understood it’s from Fateh. She threw it in the dustbin saying that sge can’t trust Fateh again. Later Fateh got to know this and got sad. However he motivated himself to get Tejo’s forgiveness. Jasmine arrived there and mocked Fateh. Jasmine threatened Fateh saying that she has a surprise which Fateh will like and a lawyer is involved in it with her. Fateh got worried for Tejo and decided to stop Jasmine. Fateh was in the bar and got intoxicated. He met Buzzo there, who was also intoxicated.

Fateh asked Buzzo why he’s here. Buzzo told that his family is talking about a marriage proposal for him, but he loves Simran and wanted to accept her with Candy, but Kushbeer won’t agree. Fateh insisted Buzzo to come with him now so that he can talk to Kushbeer about his and Simran’s alliance. Buzzo informed Tejo about Fateh being intoxicated and the situation. Tejo arrived to the bar and slapped Fateh. She lashed out at Fateh and asked him to stop taking any decision for his own interests and asked to think about others.

After Tejo left Fateh hugged Buzzo feeling elated that Tejo still cares for him, so she came here and slapped him. Fateh realised that he needs to unite Kushbeer and Rupy to get Tejo’s forgiveness and decided to do it during the Lohri festival. He made a plan and took Tejo’s brothers help for the same.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Virks and Sandhus will celebrate Lohri. Tejo and Fateh will dance. Jasmine will arrive there. Tejo, Fateh and family will look shocked on seeing Jasmine there.

What is Jasmine’s plan against Fateh and Tejo? Will Fateh succeed in unity Virks and Sandhus? Will Tejo forgive Fateh?

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