Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Fateh’s shocking act to make Jasmine confess her crimes against Tejo


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Colors popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Tejo misunderstanding Fateh and hating her.

Previously it was seen that Satti and Rupy were taken aback when doctor said that Tejo regained her memory but she forgot whatever happened after her accident till present. Rupy saw police taking Fateh and asked him about the same. The inspector told that Tejo registered a police complaint that Fateh ignited the fire stunning Rupy.

Fateh told that Tejo had a misconception and requested Rupy to clear Tejo’s misunderstanding. Jasmine got scared of getting caught when she learned that Tejo got her memory back. She was relieved knowing that she didn’t remember anything happened between her accident and present.

At the hospital Satti and Rupy told Tejo that she must had a misconception about Fateh. But Tejo denied it stating that she saw Fateh and Jasmine together and accussed them of trying to kill her and killing her baby. She disclosed that she was pregnant with Fateh’s baby during the accident shocking all. Other hand Kushbeer got Fateh released from the jail.

Fateh arrived at the hospital to talk to Tejo. Rupy questioned him about Tejo’s pregnancy. Fateh reasoned that he hid it to reduce their pain. Rupy told Fateh about Tejo forgetting whatever happened in the nine months and about her misunderstanding regarding Fateh.

Fateh suspected Jasmine to behind Tejo’s murder attempt. Fateh took Jasmine to the warehouse to confront her.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Fateh will scare Jasmine with a fire torch questioning her about her crimes against Tejo.

Later Fateh will see hiding Tejo returning home from the hospital and being with her family. He will tell Satti that he has hope that Tejo will understand he is innocence and he is ready to wait for that all his lifetime.

Can Fateh clear Tejo’s misunderstanding? Will Fateh expose Jasmine?

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