Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Gurpreet to learn about Tejo’s infertility!


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Colors popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Fateh and Tejo’s learning a bad news.

Previously it was seen that Tejo remembered a FB with Jasmine. Jasmine manipulated Tejo. She said that fateh doubting her being involved in the fire incident ever since Tejo blamed Fateh and her for her child’s death. In the current scene Tejo requested Fateh to not hate Jasmine and behave to her nicely since she’s pregnant.

Fateh tried to make Tejo understand that Jasmine was manipulating her, but in vain. Fateh promised to act nicely with Jasmine for Tejo’s sake. Later Fateh and Tejo visited the doctor for Tejo’s check-up. Fateh got glad when doctor told him that Tejo wanted to do ultrasound test as she wishes to have baby.

Later Fateh and Tejo’s dream got shattered when doctor said that Tejo became infertile and couldn’t become mother due to her miscarriage.
In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Fateh will comfort a heartbroken Tejo and will say that it’s fine if Tejo can’t become a mother, he doesn’t want child neither become a father.

Gurpreet will bring tea for them will hear this and will drop the cup and soccer making them shattering in pieces. Fateh and Tejo will notice Gurpreet’s presence hearing the noise.

Later Fateh will meet Jasmine and will propose a deal. Jasmine will get curious to know about the deal. Fateh will say that Jasmine should give birth to her child in Virks’ house. A mysterious will make his appearance in the show.

How Gurpreet will react knowing the truth?

Will Jasmine agree to Fateh’s deal?

Who is that mysterious person?

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