Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Jasmine to fight with Tejo


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Colors’ popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Jasmine getting mad at Tejo.

In the previous episode it was seen that Fateh brought an injured Jasmine home, but Kushbeer refused to allow them to stay in the house. Gurpreet argued with Kushbeer and threatened to leave with Fateh if Kushbeer ousts Fateh. Kushbeer didn’t budge. Biji fainted holding her chest and family rushed to her worried. Dadaji allowed Fateh to come in with Jasmine. Doctor checked Biji and told that she suffered a minor heart attack and she won’t survive if she gets another attack. Dadi wanted Kushbeer to call Tejo so that she can apologize to her for the wrong happened with her. Kushbeer told how can they call Tejo home when Jasmine is here. However Mahi phoned Tejo and informed her about Biji’s health condition. Dadi prayed for Tejo to come back home and Tejo came there. Jasmine and Fateh got shocked while Virk family got happy on seeing Tejo. Dadi and Kushbeer insisted Tejo to stay there.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Tejo will decide to stay at Virk’s house. Kushbeer will ask Tejo to stay in her and Fateh’s room. Fateh will tell Kushbeer that bringing back Tejo isn’t a solution, he loves Jasmine and can’t accept Tejo as his wife. Kushbeer will say that Tejo has come here as his daughter and he and Jasmine can leave the house if they have any problem. Jasmine will fight with Tejo stating that Fateh belongs to her, so obviously his room and house belong to her too. Tejo will give her a befitting reply which will rage Jasmine. Fateh will take Jasmine from there.

What will happen next? What Jasmine will do to make Tejo leave the house?

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