Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Jasmine to get arrested?


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Colors popular show Udaariyaan is getting interesting with Tejo learning that Fateh looked after her when she wasn’t mentally unstable.
Previously it was seen that Tejo demands Satti to tell what forced Fateh to marry her and who she was in the last nine months.

Sandhus enacted what happened in the last nine last nine months. Rupy showed a video of them taken during their picnic. Elsewhere Jasmine is shown walking on the road recalling Fateh threatening him and lamenting about the same. Here Tejo got teary eyes learning that Fateh looked after her when she was acting as a kid. Lovely adds that even Jasmine took care of Tejo. The latter asked where Jasmine was.

Rupy told that Jasmine was staying at Sweety’s house as she knew that Tejo was holding her responsible for her child’s death. Tejo felt guilty that her sister had to go through this because of her. Later Rupy, Satti and dadi decided to not let Tejo know about jasmine’s pregnancy and the wedding arrangement between Fateh and jasmine.

Fateh stood outside Tejo’s house to feel he presence. Fateh wished God for a sign and Tejo’s toy fan fled out of her room and landed near Fateh. He took it as a positive sign.

Elsewhere Jasmine took shelter from rain inside an abandoned and dusted car. She vowed to take revenge on Fateh.
In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Jasmine will get caught red handed while trying to steal food.

They will decide to hand jasmine to the police. Other hand the goons who pretended to be Fateh’s friends and tried to kidnap Tejo when she was mentally unstable will spot Tejo and will try to kidnap Tejo again. Tejo will hit them.

What will happen next?

Will Jasmine get arrested?

Will Fateh save Tejo again?
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