Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Jasmine to ran away leaving a letter for the Virks


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Colors much loved show Udaariyaan is gearing up for drama with Jasmine fooling the Virks by pretending her delivery.
Previously it was seen that Tejo discovered Jasmine fake bump and understood that she was faking her pregnancy.

Jasmine got shocked learning Tejo knew her truth. Jasmine tried to calm Tejo down. Tejo asked Jasmine since when she’s lying. Jasmine spilled that she suffered a miscarriage in a party.

Tejo got determined to expose Jasmine’s lie to the family and walked out of the room to call them. Jasmine went behind Tejo trying to stop her from calling the Virks. Tejo slapped Jasmine and the latter slapped Tejo back.

Jasmine and Tejo fought. Tejo pushed Jasmine and was about to dial the family. Jasmine took a case and hit on Tejo’s head making her faint. Jasmine hurriedly left the house taking along Tejo’s phone and fake bump. She dropped them on the road corner and tried to call Yash.

Elsewhere the latter was laughing like mad without receiving her call. Here Jasmine got scared wondering Yash ditched her.

Jasmine reached hospital and called Gurpreet pretending to have labor pain. Meanwhile Tejo gained her consciousness and looked for Jasmine, She learned about Jasmine’s labor pain from Dadaji and rushed to the hospital.

Tejo wanted to tell the family’s Jasmine truth, but stopped seeing Gurpreet holding a baby, An overjoyed Gurpreet told Tejo that she’s Amrik’s daughter shocking Tejo. The doctor also lied that Jasmine had S section and was under observation.

Later Jasmine bribed the doctor and got ready to leave for Canada. Tejo confronted doctor and threatened her to expose her for helping Jasmine in her lie. The doctor threatened Tejo to call the security.

Tejo tried to tell Fateh about Jasmine when he came to the hospital, but he was too busy playing with the baby he didn’t hear Tejo.
In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Tejo will say to the family that Jasmine ran away and left a letter for them.

Tejo will read the letter. Gurpreet will cry. Later Tejo will tell Fateh that the baby isn’t Amrik’s daughter. Fateh will look on shocked.

What will happen next?

Will Tejo be able to expose Jasmine? Where Jasmine has gone?

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