Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Mallika to be Advait’s secret girlfriend!


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Colors TV’s popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Advait revealing that he trapped Nehmat in his fake love.

Previously, it was seen that Nehmat didn’t expose Naaz for the sake of the promise she had given to Fateh and Tejo. However, Nehmat refused to forgive Naaz.

Naaz didn’t bother about it and continued to plot with Mallika against Nehmat to separate Advait from her. Upon Naaz’s instigation, Mallika started to message Advait. She came across Advait during his election campaign. Nehmat found Advait’s Canadian passport. She asked Advait about the same.

The latter told a lie to Nehmat to convince her. Later, Advait  received a call from a girl who turned out to be his secret lover. He called the girl darling and assured her to meet her after the election.  Advait revealed that he had trapped Nehmat in fake love to take revenge on her. 

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Naaz will pretend to regret her misdeeds against Nehmat. She will say to Nehmat that she wants to rectify her mistakes by patching up Nehmat and Mallika.

She will persuade Nehmat to take Mallika for lunch along with Advait to reconcile with her. Nehmat will agree. Advait and Mallika will reach the restaurant. It will be revealed that Mallika is Advait’s darling and they’re in secret relationship.

Mallika will be thinking that she’s snatching Advait away from Nehmat. But Advait will be playing a double game. His plan will be to use Mallika to take his revenge on Ekam for insulting him. Advait will gift Mallika a diamond bracelet.

As Naaz fixed the wrong time on Nehmat’s watch, she will reach the restaurant late. Mallika will refuse to forgive Nehmat and will walk away. Later, Advait will gift the same model diamond bracelet to Nehmat. Advait and Mallika will plan to go somewhere the next day. 

What will happen next?

What is Advait upto?

Will Nehmat discover Advait’s truth and save Mallika at the right time? 

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