Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Naaz to mislead Nehmat to save her own skin!

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Colors’ popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama, with Nehmat confronting Naaz. 

Previously, it was seen that Nehmat tried to talk to Ekam to explain that she didn’t publish Jayveer’s article, but he refused to listen to her. Nehmat stood in front of his jeep urging him to listen to her.

Ekam asked Nehmat who else apart from her could know her laptop password and use her laptop to publish the article on which she was working secretly. Nehmat realized that Naaz knew her laptop password. Nehmat went to Naaz and questioned her. 

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Nehmat will confront Naaz about publishing Jayveer’s article. Naaz will deny it. Nehmat will say that only Naaz knew that she was working on an article and her laptop password. In order to save her own skin, Naaz will mislead Nehmat.

She will  say that Nehmat always takes her laptop with her wherever she goes. She even took her laptop with her to Shimla. Naaz will say that the colleague from whom Nehmat took help could have published the article.

Nehmat will be shocked to hear this and will wonder why Advait would do this. However, Nehmat will meet Advait outside his house and will question him. Advat will scold Nehmat for being selfish and question him despite the fact he went with her to Shimla by lying to Mallika to help her.

Ekam, who has come to talk to Shamsher about Mallika and Advait’s wedding, will spot Nehmat and Advait talking. On the other hand, Naaz will plan to use the picture of Advait with Nehmat taken in Shimla to break Ekam and Nehmat’s relationship forever. Jasmine will reach Moga to help Naaz against Nehmat. 

What will happen next? Will Nehmat find out Naaz’s evil intention? 

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