Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Tanya’s secret to be revealed


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Colors popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for drama with Gurpreet proposing Fateh’s alliance to Jasmine while Fateh refusing to marry Jasmine.

Previously it was seen that Gurpreet will propose Fateh’s alliance for Jasmine to Sandhus. Rupy and Satti will refuse to accept this alliance as Fateh and Tejo love each other. Jasmine will say that she did already many mistakes, so she will obey to her parents decision this time. Fateh will shout at Gurpreet knowing she took his alliance for Jasmine. He will refuse of thinking about anyone else than Tejo. Later Fateh will miss Tejo and will break into tears.

Meanwhile Tejo will hope that Fateh will come and marry her. She will make pooris for Fateh. She will get elated thinking that Fateh came on seeing a groom’s procession. She will get disappointed knowing the groom isn’t Fateh. She will say that she only remembers Fateh’s name and not his face. She will get angry that Fateh didn’t come and will act violently.

In the upcoming week it will be seen that Tanya will phone a man. That man will remind her that he told her to not call until she has money in hand. Tanya will say that she got the money and will enquire if her mother is fine. He will say that he will call the care taker to know this and will ask Tanya to not do anything. He will then call the ashram where Tejo is and will ask the care taker if Tanya’s mom is fine. Tanya will say that she will soon go to meet her mother.

Will Fateh agree to marry Jasmine? Will Tanya meet Tejo in Banrala?

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