Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Tejo and Fateh to organize a party to trap Aman?


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Colors popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for drama with Jasmine accusing Tejo falsely and provoking Gurpreet against Tejo.
Previously it was seen that Aman entered the Virk’s house when only Tejo and Jasmine were at home alone.

Tejo got scared to find inside her room. She threw at him the objects to force him leave the place. She got a knife and threatened him. Jasmine came there hearing the noise and got happy seeing Tejo afraid. Aman said that he would return for Candy and Tejo before leaving.

Tejo broke down in tears. Fateh, Simran and Buzzo entered the house. Fateh rushed to Tejo and hug her. Tejo narrated him everything. Fateh got furious and wanted to register police complaint against Aman. But Tejo requested him to not as it can compromise the case.

Simran agreed with Tejo. The latter got sad remembering her miscarriage when she saw Simran showing her affection to Candy. Fateh managed to cheer her up. Jasmine falsely accused Tejo of not coming to pick her up after her doctor appointment and provoked Gurpreet against Tejo.

Gurpreet reprimanded Tejo about the same. Tejo got confused why Jasmine lied to Gurpreet when she gave her a different timing. She decided to accompany Jasmine for her next appointment with doctor and also enquire the doctor about that day’s appointment. Jasmine got tensed on hearing this.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Tejo will come to Jasmine’s room. She will lock the room from inside and will confront Jasmine about always keeping her room door closed nowadays.

Jasmine will give the excuse of privacy which Tejo will refuse to believe. Tejo will state that they both know she didn’t push her the previous day and will ask what she’s cooking up.

Jasmine will look on nervous. Aman will tell his friend that day is very important for him. Tejo will ask Candy to get ready for the party. Tejo and Fateh will be decked up and will wait at the entrance of the party to catch Aman. Aman will arrive at the party dressed up as a clown.

Will Tejo find out about Jasmine’s miscarriage? Will Fateh and Tejo recognize Aman?

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