Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Tejo to accuse Fateh of attempting to kill her


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Colors popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Jasmine tricking Tejo and taking her to the warehouse to kill her.

Previously it was seen that Jasmine made a plan to send Satti and Rupy out. She asked Lovely to convince Satti and Rupy to visit Gurudwara on their wedding anniversary like every year. Rupy and Satti agreed upon Harman and Lovely’s request. Rupy texted Fateh about the same.

Jasmine tricked Rupy and deleted that message. Later Jasmine spiked the lassi and gave it to Dadi who fell asleep after drinking it. Lovely and Harman went out for some work.

Jasmine acted as having severe stomachache. Tejo hesitated to take Jasmine to the hospital as Fateh refused her to go out without him. However Tejo decided to go believing that Jasmine and her child were really in pain.

Jasmine and Tejo got into an auto. The auto driver turned to be Jasmine’s man. Jasmine tricked and brought Tejo to the warehouse. Meanwhile Fateh spotted Rupy and Satti in the Gurudwara on his way to home. He learned that Tejo was with Jasmine in the house. He had a bad feeling. He rushed along with Satti and Rupy to home.

Fateh got worried not finding Tejo and Jasmine in the house. He rushed out to find Tejo. Other hand Jasmine ignited fire around Tejo. Tejo started to scream. She remembered her getting burned in the fire and seeing Jasmine and Fateh together. She fainted.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Tejo will be in the hospital. Fateh will meet her there and will ask her to not get scared as he is with her.

Tejo will push Fateh asking him to stay away from her. She will rebuke him and will accuse him of trying to kill her shocking Fateh. Later police will tell that Tejo registered a police complaint that Fateh ignited the fire shocking Satti and Rupy.

What will happen next? Can Fateh prove his innocence? Will Jasmine’s truth come to the light?

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