Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Tejo to beat Fateh!


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Colors popular show Udaariyaan is all set for high voltage drama with Fateh taking Tejo to the Sandhus’ house on two conditions.
Previously it was seen that Fateh took Jasmine to the warehouse to make her suffer like she made Tejo suffer. He scared Jasmine using a lit-up stick demanding her to tell who was responsible for Tejo’s accident.

Jasmine ended up confessing her crime when fateh threatened to burn her alive. Jasmine admitted of trying to worsen Tejo’s mental condition to separate them forever. Jasmine told that Fateh couldn’t prove her wrongdoing since he had no proof.

Fateh had recorded Jasmine’s confession and played it on his phone shocking Jasmine. He asked her to go far from them if she didn’t want to get arrested. Fateh came to Sandhus’ house. He imagined Tejo welcoming him and taking him to feed him the dishes she made for him.

He came out of his reality and started to seve those dishes and ate them. He broke down in front of dadi lamenting about Tejo misunderstanding him to be the murderer of their unborn child. He said that he would wait for Tejo all his lives.

Dadi felt bad for Fateh. The next day Tejo returne home and family welcomed her in grant way. Fateh watched this hiding. Jasmine was living in sweety’s house’s storeroom without Sweety’s parents’ knowledge. Jasmine wasn’t ready to give up on Fateh.

In the upcoming week it will be seen that Tejo will get furious seeing Fateh. She will ask him how he dared to come in front of her after killing her unborn child. She will start beating him with a stick.

Fateh will silently let her hit him. Later Rupy will reveal to Tejo that Angad is responsible for whatever happened with her shocking Tejo. Elsewhere Jasmine will refuse to get intimidated by Fateh’s threat and to give up easily.

Will Tejo finally learn the truth? What will be Jasmine’s next plan against Tejo and Fateh?

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