Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Tejo to catch Jasmine’s lie?


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Colors popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for drama with Aman filing a court case to get Candy’s custody.

Previously it was seen that Aman had sent some transgender women to the Virks. While they kept the Virks distracted one among them took the house main door key print on a soap and put a robot car on the ground to lure Candy out. Candy went out following the remote car.

Aman showed Candy his and Simran photos taken in Canada to prove that he is his dad and tried to persuade him to come with him to Canada. Virks realized that Candy was missing and started to find him.

Tejo spotted Candy with Aman outside and called the whole family. Fateh got agitated on seeing Aman. Family and Tejo pacified him. Aman said that using the DNA report as evidence he filed a case in the family court to get Candy’s custody.

Later Virks assured a scared Simran that they would win Candy’s custody at any cost. Fateh planned to prove Aman as criminal for the same. Jasmine panicked when Tejo wanted to massage her baby bump and gave an excuse of stomach pain to prevent her.

Tejo got suspicious with Jasmine weird behavior in recent times. Virks went out leaving Tejo and Jasmine alone in the house. Aman entered the Virks house using the opportunity of Tejo being alone. Tejo gets scared on finding Aman in her room.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Tejo will come to Jasmine’s room. She will lock the room from inside and will confront Jasmine about always keeping her room door closed nowadays.

Jasmine will give the excuse of privacy which Tejo will refuse to believe. Tejo will state that they both know she didn’t push her the previous day and will ask what she’s cooking up. Jasmine will look on nervous.

How Tejo and Fateh will tackle Aman?

Will Tejo find out about Jasmine’s miscarriage?

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