Udaariyaan Upcoming Story: Tejo to get in a predicament when a stranger visits Virk’s house


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Colors much loved show is gearing up for more drama with Fateh proposing a deal to Jasmine.

Previously it was seen that Fateh consoled a heartbroken Tejo. He said that he didn’t want an own child since Tejo was enough for him. Gupreet overhead their talk and got shattered.

Gupreet broke into tears that their family couldn’t get their heir. Fateh assured her to find a solution. Fateh met Jasmine and asked her to return to the Virks house and gave birth to her child there. He threatened to tell her truth to Tejo and police if she didn’t listen to him.

Jasmine got curious to find what forced Fateh who wanted to keep her away from Tejo, now wants her to return house. Other hand Fateh comforted Tejo saying that they could adopt a baby.

Tejo was certain that Gurpreet and the family members wouldn’t accept someone’s blood as theirs. Later Jasmine arrived at the Virks house and said to Gurpreet that she will give her baby as their family’s heir.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen the mysterious man, who troubles Simran, will come at the Virks house. Tejo will ask him who he is. He will praise Tejo’s beauty and will move close to Tejo. She will step back getting stunned with his approach. He will ask to see Simran and will sit on the couch.

Simran will come and will get shocked seeing the man. She say Amanpreet. The man will smirk looking at Simran. Tejo will observe them confused.

who is Amanpreet ? What he is connection with Simran and Candy?

What new twist he is going to bring in the story?

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