Udaariyan 19th January 2023 Written Update: Nehmat returns to Kapoor’s house


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The episode starts with Nehmat spotting Ekam with a girl outside the police station She doesn’t see her face as her back is facing towards her. Harleen admires Ekam giving money to a buy who sells balloon and asks him to study. Nehmat turns around when Ekam turns around to open the front car door for Harleen. Ekam and Harleen drive off. Nehmat wonders who is the girl with Ekam. However she feels happy that Ekam is also trying to move on in his life and thanks God for that.

At Sandhus, Satti thank Rama and Advait for sending Nehmat to their house to help them with Lohri’s preparations. Advait feels relived that Nehmat hasn’t told anything to her family. Rama says to Satti that Nehmat should return home and take care of the Lohri preparations at their house’s as they have organized a big party on the same occasion. Advait says that he wants to talk to Nehmat alone when Satti wants to call Nehmat. Rama says that she will talk to Nehmat. Rupy says that he will talk to her first.

Ekam returns to the police station and finds the boy still sitting outside the police station He sits next to him and asks him what he is doing here. The boy tells about girl buying all his balloons and giving him her shawl and the dish made by her grandfather. The FB shows of Nehmat giving the boy shall and sweet fish. Ekam touches the shawl and smells it fragrance. He then eats the dush and recognizes it that it made by Rupy. He realizes that Nehmat has come to see him. He understands that she has come to apologize to him. He decides to talk to her and drives off.

Rupy goes to Nehmat. She reminds Nehmat that she forgot to take blessings on Lohri. Nehmat says that she forgot it. She asks him to bless her to always face any problem in life fearlessly and take right decision. Rupy blesses that whether Nehmat decide to return to Kapoor’s house or not, she shouldn’t take any decision going against her heart and happiness. Nehmat is surprised to hear this Rupy says that he understood that she hasn’t come to help them for Lohri’s preparations. He says that Rama and Advait have come to take her back. He asks her to say what the matter is. Nehmat tries to lie. Rupy says that he understood everything so she doesn’t need to lie. Satti arrives there and hears this. She assures Nehmat that nothing is important for then than her happiness and asks her not worry about the society.

Ekam stops in front of a flower shop to get flowers for Nehmat. He recalls Nehmat’s words and decide not to buy flowers flowers as he is simply going to ask Nehmat about her decision. Rama us scared that Nehmat refuses to return to Kapoor’s house. Advait goes apart. He recalls Veronica’s threatening him. He phones Nehmat and requests to talk to him once.

On the other hand, Ekam is on his way. Sadvik phones him. Harleen is with Sadvik and the call is on speaker. Sadvik asks Ekam about his Lohri plans. He finds Ekam happy and asks what the matter is. Ekam says that he will tell meeting him. Harleen wonderw whether Ekam is going to meet Nehmat. Here, Advait apologizes to Nehmat for his behavior. Nehmat asks Advait if a husband is apologizing to a wife or a politician to save his image. Advait puts up on an act and pretends that he realized his mistake after Nehmat left the house and broke his connection with Veronica. He folds his hands in front of Nehmat and seeks for her forgiveness. Nehmat recalls Advait’s behavior towards her and wonders if he is saying the truth or not. Advait requests Nehmat to return home for the sake of Rama who has come to take her home.

Ekam Sandhus’s house and us surprised to see the reporters outside the house. Just then, Rama and Advait come out of the house. The reporters question Advait about his planning for his first Lohri with Nehmat. Ekam understands that Advait has come to take Nehmat back home and thinks that Nehmat didn’t agree. He thinks that Nehmat did right. He is shocked to see Nehmat holding Advait’s hand and giving interview with Advait. Nehmat and Advait notice Ekam. She recalls seeing Ekam with a girl. She gets into car with Advait and they drive off. Ekam gets dejected and wonders how Nehmat agreed to return to that bastard Advait. He thinks of telling Rupy the truth about Advait, but changes his mind respecting Nehmat’s decision of not hurting family by telling the truth. On her way, Nehmat hopes the girl with whom she saw Ekam bring joy in Ekam’s life as she only gave him pain. Harleen phones Ekam and ask him about Lohri celebration. Ekam scolds her and hangs the call which surprises Sadvik and Harleen. Harleen is certain that Ekam’s mood is spoiled by Nehmat.

Nehmat returns to Kapoor’s house. Nikhil and Shamsher are happy to see Nehmat back. Shamsher praises Nehmat for taking right decision. He says to Nehmat to forget the past and have a new start with Advait. Advait takes Nehmat’s luggage. Nehmat stops at the room step and recalls Advait’s cheap talks. She says to Advait that she has a condition before entering this room now. Advait asks what her condition is. The family watches this.

The episode ends.

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