Udaariyan 20th January 2023 Written Update: Nehmat is shocked to see Harleen


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The episode starts with Nehmat saying to Advait that Shamsher wants them to start their married life fresh and she also wants the same. She says that she has a condition before entering their room. She asks Advait to release Ekam from his duties as Advait’s bodyguard. She further says that Advait should also forget his past if he wants her to forget his past. Advait obliges. Shamsher is happy with Nehmat’s condition and finds it a smart move. 

On the other hand, Sadvik says to Ekam that Nehmat wants to save her marriage like any married girl. Harleen overhears this. Ekam receives a call from his higher officer and learns that Advait has released him from his bodyguard duties. He says the same to Sadvik and worries about Nehmat, as he won’t be able to know if Nehmat is fine or not hereafter. 

Naaz goes to Nehmat and taunts her about easily forgiving Advait and returning to Kapoor’s house. Nehmat says that she did it for both the family’s sakes. Neeru overhears this. Later, she joins hands with Naaz against Nehmat. There, Sadvik says to Ekam that Nehmat is strong and she can handle kapoors and asks him to handle himself. Harleen is upset that Ekam always thinks about Nehmat only. She gets determined to celebrate Lohri with him. 

Advait tries to call Veronica. The latter sends a voice note that she will meet him directly at the Lohri party. Advait gets scared and seeks Shamsher’s help. Shamsher says to Advait to concentrate on Nehmat while he handles Veronica. Vernica is shown on the way. She recalls Shamsher’s threat and says that Advait can’t get rid of her easily.

Ekam received an invitation to Kapoor’s Lohri party. Sadvik asks Ekam to take a female friend to the Lohri party to prove to everyone that he has moved on. Ekama and Sadvik argue over this. Harleen arrives there getting ready for the Lohri party. She is wearing her duppata like a scarf. Ekam and Sadvik burst out laughing. Harleen asks if she doesn’t look nice. Ekam says to Harleen that she looks nice. He helps her to wear the duppata properly. Meanwhile, Advait helps Nehmat to fix her nuptial chain and makes her wear the bangles. Kismat song plays in the BG. Advait looks at his and Nehmat’s reflection in the mirror and says that they don’t look bad together. Harleen gets upset when Ekam mentions that she should learn how to wear the duppata properly to Nehmat. Harleen hides her disappointment and asks them about which party they were talking about. Sadvik says Kapoor’s party. He asks Harleen to come along with them. Harleen agrees. She then realizes that everyone, including Advait, will be there and they recognize her as her face looks like Jasmine. However, she decides to go to the party. 

At the party, Advait shows Veronica’s photos to the guard to prevent her from entering the party. Shamsher says to his guests that a girl is after Advait to gain popularity. Nehmat and Naaz hear this. Sandhus arrive at the party. Shamsher welcomes them. Rupy and Satti ask Nehmat if she’s happy and they say that they are happy if she’s happy. Advait is shocked to see Ekam at the party. He asks Shamsher who called him to the party. Shamsher says that he called him so that he can show everyone that everything is normal. Ekam meets Rupy and Satti. They are happy to meet him. Nehmat notices Ekam. They both look at each other. Nehmat leaves with Advait. Ekam recalls celebrating Lohri with Nehmat in the past and gets sad. Ekam meets Shamsher and introduces his friend Sadvik to him. Ekam sees Harleen dancing in the party. He goes to her. Harleen urges Ekam to teach her punjabi dance step. Ekam agrees and teaches her a few steps. Nehmat, Rupy and Satti are shocked to see Harleen who looks like Jasmine.

The episode ends.

Precap: Shamsher says to Advait that he is going to do something which will shock Ekam and Nehmat. Harleen warns Nehmat to stay away from Ekam as she loves him. Nehmat feels sad seeing Harleen with Ekam.

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