Udaariyan 24th January 2023 Written Update: Harleen admits her love for Ekam in front of Jasmine


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The episode starts with Shansher announcing to the guests that Nehmat and Advait are going to become parents. Nehmat and Advait are hell shocked to hear this, while Harleen and Rama are happy to hear this. Shamsher’s goon threatens Veronica and takes her from there. Shamsher smirks seeing this. Neeru and Naaz wonder how Nehmat could be pregnant when Advait hates her. They wonder why he would lie. Rama congratulates Nehmat and Advait. Nikhil plays trumps and celebrates it. Nehmat takes Advait home. 

Renuka asks Ekam why he returned from the party early without enjoying it. Ekam says that he can’t enjoy it as Nehmat was also there at the party and he has celebrated all his Lohri with her since his childhood. Renuka thinks that now Harleen is her last hope to help Ekam to move on. Meanwhile, Harleen is overjoyed that now Advait and Nehmat’s marriage can’t break and she can’t return to Ekam’s life as Nehmat is pregnant. 

After reaching home, Rama expresses to Nehmat and Advait how happy she’s after finding out about Nehmat’s pregnancy. Nehmat shouts enough. She says that she’s not pregnant, which shocks Rama and Neeru. Neeru asks whether Shamsher lied in front of the guests. Nehmat says yes. Rama refuses to believe it and asks why he would lie. Nehmat says that she doesn’t know, but she’s not pregnant. She asks Advait to tell them the truth. Advait recalls Shamsher’s words and stays quiet. Nehmat angrily walks away. Just then, Shamsher arrives. Rama asks Shamsher why he lied that Nehmat is pregnant. Shamsher refuses to say the reason and asks Advait to convince Nehmat. Advait obliges and leaves. Shamsher says to Rama that whatever he is doing is to fix the problem created by Advait. Neeru says to Naaz that Nehmat is a journalist and she won’t be quiet about Shamsher’s mistake. Naaz is happy that Nehmat isn’t pregnant, else she would have become a maid in that house. She is eager to see how Nehmat is going to handle this lie. She thinks of talking to Jasmine. 

There, Ekam is worried about Nehmat. Here, Nehmat breaks down into tears recalling Shamsher’s fake announcement about her pregnancy. Nehmat says that everyone will learn about this lie and wonders how Rupy and Satti will react.  At Sandhus’ house, Satti and Rupy discuss Nehmat. Satti says that Nehmat seemed happy at the party. She says that Nehmat also won her in-laws’ heart, like Tejo. Rupy says that Nehmat can be happy when she gets her husband’s love and support. 

Nehmat confronts Advait about Shamsher’s lie. She asks why Shamsher said such a big lie and why he isn’t saying anything. Advait apologizes to Nehmat and says that Shamsher didn’t have any other options than this. Nehmat asks him to shut up and asks the reason that pushed Shamsher to say such a big lie. Advait says that Veronica threatened to expose in front of the media that they’re husband and wife only for name sake. He says that Veronica has some proof which she wanted to show in front of the media and defame him and his family. He says that Shamsher had to lie to save the family respect and his political career. Nehmat says that they used her to save their respect and their political career. She says that Advait insulted the marriage, which is a pure relationship. She refuses to accept the lie that she’s pregnant and to support him. Advait apologizes to Nehmat and admits that it’s his mistake. Nehmat asks then why she’s getting punished. Advait assures Nehmat to handle this matter when the election ends. Nehmat refuses to listen to Advait’s lie anymore. She asks him to leave her alone and walks away. 

Naaz phones Jasmine and tells her about seeing Harleen at the party. She regrets seeking Jasmine’s help. She asks Jasmine not to call her hereafter and hangs the call. Jasmine wonders what Harleen was doing at Kapoor’s Lohri party. 

Harleen sees the photos of Ekam on the projector screen. She smiles, recalling her moments with Ekam. Just then, Jasmine video calls her and asks if she met Nehmat and gave the envelope to her, which shocks Jasmine. Jasmine scolds Harleen for disobeying her. Harleen says to Jasmine that she learned about how Jasmine used to trouble others. She refuses to break Nehmat and Advait’s relationship as she’s in love. Jasmine says Ekam after seeing Ekam’s photo on the projector. Harleen admits that she loves Ekam and if Nehmat and Advait’s marriage breaks, Nehmat will return to Ekam. She says that she doesn’t want Ekam to love someone else than her. Harleen says that she burned the marriage certificate she had given her. Jasmine is stunned to hear this. Harleen further says that Jasmine can’t travel to India as she made her passport disappear. She says that she will do what her heart says and hangs the call. Jasmine is furious that Harleen spoiled her plan and wonders how to separate Advait and Nehmat. 

The episode ends. 

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