Udaariyan 26th January 2023 Written Update: Ekam feels guilty


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The episode starts with some kinners arriving at Sandhus’ house and asking the Sandhus for Shagun. Satti is confused and asks them why they should give Shagun. The kinners say that they’re going to become great grandparents. They say that Nehmat is pregnant. Sandhus are surprised to hear this. Harman gives money to kinners. Rupy finds that something is not right and wants to phone Nehmat immediately, but Satti stops him and says that they should meet Nehmat and congratulate her on the good news. 

At Kapoor’s house, Nehmat is surprised when Advait removes his unused clothes from his cupboard and asks her to keep her clothes in his cupboard. Elsewhere, Ekam is drunk and breaks the bottles, recalling past happenings. He blames himself for Nehmat’s condition and regrets doubting her. Here, Advait expresses his regrets for misbehaving with Nehmat and asks her to arrange her clothes in his cupboard if she can see guilt in his eyes. Nehmat thanks Advait for supporting her in front of his family. Advait says that he should thank her for supporting his family despite his bad behavior towards her. He says that he should also try to accept their marriage when she’s trying to accept it despite being forced to marry him. He leaves. Nehmat doubts whether Advait has really changed or if it’s his new scheme. 

Harleen goes to Ekam. In order to stop him from drinking alcohol, she says that she also wants to drink it. She takes the bottle from his hand. She pretends to drink it, but she pours the alcohol. She asks why he is drinking. She asks if he is drinking to hide any pain. Ekam says that he is unlucky. Harleen says that Ekam is lucky, so he got her. Ekam laments. Harleen hugs Ekam to console him. Ekam says that he was lucky, so he got Nehmat, but he ruined it by doubting her and leaving her between the Kapoors. He says that he knows that Nehmat isn’t happy, but he doesn’t know what to do. Harleen thinks that she will make Ekam forget Nehmat with her love. Ekam realises his position. He breaks the hug and asks Harleen to stay away from him. He says that he has already ruined Nehmat and his life and he can ruin Harleen’s life too. Harleen tries to convince Ekam that Nehmat moved on in her life with Advait. But Ekam refuses to accept it. Harleen says that it’s not necessary that one is destined to be with whom he/she loves. Harleen takes Ekam home. 

Mallika is shocked to see Ekam’s condition and angrily asks Harleen what happened to Ekam. Harleen asks Mallika to help her instead of showing anger. Mallika helps Harleen to take Ekam inside the house. Renuka is shocked to see Ekam in a drunken condition. Ekam is lamenting. He asks Nehmat to forgive him. On the other hand, Nehmat wonders how Ekam would react after knowing her pregnancy news. Nikhil goes to Nehmat. He says that he heard Advait and Nehmat while passing by their room. He says that Advait is trying to accept their marriage and he took a step forward, so she should also do the same. He says that he booked a table in a restaurant for Nehmat and Advait. Nehmat says that she has a condition. 

There, Mallika scolds Harleen when she tries to remove Ekam’s shoes. Here, Nehmat says to Nikhil to promise that he will become responsible and will prove to Shamsher and Rama that he can be a good son. Nikhil says that he started working on it and shows the clothes designs that he created. Nehmat says that his designs are very nice and asks him not to waste his talent. Naaz sees and becomes unhappy. 

Mallika and Harleen argue. Mallika asks Harleen to stay away from Ekam as she doesn’t want Ekam’s heart to break because of a girl. Harleen says to Mallika that she can’t judge her without knowing her. Mallika refuses to trust Harleen and says that she’s a drama queen lik her mom. Mallika says to Renuka that Harleen is Jasmine’s daughter and she doesn’t want her for Ekam. Harleen gets annoyed and says that she isn’t like Jasmine. She says that she loves Ekam and wants to keep him happy. She says that even Renuka wanted the same. She sees Renuka crying and cheers her up. Renuka smiles and hugs Harleen. She says that she likes Harleen and says to Mallika that Harleen can keep Ekam happy. 

The episode ends. 

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