Vanshaj Upcoming Story: Yuvika to learn a shocking truth


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Sab TV’s popular daily soap, Vanshaj, is gearing up for more drama with DJ and Yuvika determined to find the truth from 20 years back in their own way.

In the previous episode, it was seen that, Yuvika tells Bhoomi about Karthik’s insecurity and so decides to marry him. Bhoomi asks her not to take decision in haste but Yuvika doesn’t listen.

Someone is present at Sophie’s ward and is hiding themselves from Yuvika and Neil. As Neil goes out, Yuvika notices the hidden person. The person pushes Yuvika and runs out while Neil and Yuvika chade after him.

Yuvika is about to get into an accident but Neil saves her. The real culprit turned out to be Vidhur who seemed to have a vengeance against Prem. Karthik helps DJ betraying Yuvika while Yuvika gets doubtful. Bhoomi plans Prem’s anniversary Pooja. During the pooja, Yuvika catches Karthik sharing her mission details to Karthik and breaks her engagement with him.

DJ exposes Yuvika in front of family saying that she suspects each and every one in the family behind her father’s scandal. Yuvika says that her mission is to probe her father innocent. Dadababu gets disheartened to find his name among the suspects and asks Yuvika about it. Yuvika stands worried .

However she states her point of view and claims that it’s her duty to probe her father innocent. Dadababu supports Yuvika while the others oppose her. Yuvika’s family stands as her support system to get her out of the break-up. DJ wants to find the truth behind Prem’s scandal while Dhanraj and Gargi goes skeptical about it.

They warn him to stay away from it hyt he refuses to back off without knowing the truth. All the Mahajans were involved in the scandal in one way or another and they try to keep Yuvika away from the truth. Yuvika gets worried not finding both Neil and Sophie in their ward. Pooja takes Sophie with her in car and Yuvika tries stopping her.

However she speeds away in car. Before leaving she leaves a clue for Yuvika saying that the answer for the past lies in her present. Yuvika takes picture of the car but Sophie and Pooja burn it later. Yuvika gets suspicious on Vidhur as she finds him speaking with the masked man. Vidhur gets promise from Neil to not be involved with Yuvika.

Yuvika also finds out that there’s some mystery behind the death of her father. Neil helps her get his father’s access card to check for the CCTV footage in the back up server as the original was tampered. DJ follows them using the tracker he installed in Yuvika’s car.

In the future episodes we will witness, Neil and Yuvika see the real footage from Prem’s death day. They both gets shocked seeing something in the video. DJ comes there

What will happen next? Will DJ be successful in his plan?

Will Yuvika fail to fulfil her father’s dream?

To know the answer to the above questions, keep watching the show and stay tuned to this page for the exclusive update about your favorite Hindi shows.