Vidrohi 15th January 2022 Written Update: Gadadhar manipulates Tilottama


Vidrohi 15th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Subarna working on the papers to punish Gadadhar. She ask to imprint the official paper of betrayal against Gadadhar. Radhamani tries to stop Subarna and tells that she isn’t doing right. She reminds that Gadadhar is her own child and states that everyone does some or the other mistakes. She takes stand for Gadadhar stating that he have done everything for her, while Subarna stays firm on her decision and notify that it’s necessary to punish him. She also tells that she doesn’t see relationship while punishing anyone and states that everyone is equal for her in front of her country.

Here, Subarna tells Radha that she is making Baxi’s work easy by taking decision against Gadadhar and ask Radha not to interfere in between her justice. Meanwhile, Tilottama keeps crying inside her room. Gadadhar tries to stop her and ask her to believe him, but she ignores him. He makes her face him and tells that he only loves her.

Gadadhar lies to Tilottama that Amba had trapped him. He reveals that he only used to have crush on Amba before his marriage, but after getting Tilottama he doesn’t had any feelings for Amba and she was the one who was trying to come in between them. He manages to manipulates Tilottama in his words and ask her to talk to Kalyani in order to forgive him.

Elsewhere, Tilottama goes inside Kalyani’s room and tries to convince her to release Gadadhar. She says that he wasn’t at fault and blames Amba for everything. Kalyani replies that she can’t come in between Subarna and her decision and tries to explain Tilottama about Gadadhar’s mistake, to which latter tells that everyone does a sin, whereas Gadadhar keeps hearing their conversation.

Kalyani denies to Tilottama’s request, while Gadadhar gets furious and then decides to sneak out of the palace. At that time he imagines his conscience who mocks him for running away like a coward. It reminds him that he is a lion and ask him to teach a lesson to Kalyani. It encourages him to take his revenge, while he goes back inside Kalyani’s room.

Ahead, Gadadhar ties Kalyani’s hands when she was sleeping and starts pouring kerosene all over her room. She gets shocked and struggles to free herself. He laughs at her and mocks about her situation. Meanwhile, the guards realises that Gadadhar ran away from their eyes and starts finding them along with Subarna.

The guards along with others gets dumbstruck seeing Gadadhar trying to kill Kalyani and tries to stop him. He warns them holding a fire lamp and says that he will burn Kalyani alive. Kalyani sees the oppertunity to free herself while he was looking at the others and starts cutting her ropes.

Further, Kalyani gets successful and stops Gadadhar by putting red chilli powder on his face. He winces in pain, while she grabs the fire lamp from him. He apologises stating that he only wanted to scare her, while the guards chains him. Banthara along with Tilottama gets shocked, while Subarna stops them from interrupting. She tells Kalyani that Gadadhar is her culprit.

Precap:- Banthara manipulates Radhamani asking her to help Gadadhar as he have done everything for her. Meanwhile, Subarna aids Kalyani’s wounds, whereas latter says that she can’t even imagine what pain must she be bearing by punishing Gadadhar. Subarna looks at Kalyani in pain, while Radhamani gets into thinking.

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