Vidrohi 15th October 2021 Written Update: Baxi decides to visit Badamba


Vidrohi 15th October 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Baxi pointing sword on Geoffrey, while latter points gun towards Baxi. Everyone gets shocked, whereas Baxi removes the sword and they both starts wrestling. Baxi overpowers Geoffrey, while latter laughs saying that Baxi really hated him. Baxi replies that he fights to protect his loved ones. Baxi warns Geoffrey that he will kill and bury him without mercy, to which Geoffrey tells him that he is doing everything on the basis of contract with their King. He ask Baxi to confront Maharaja if he doesn’t believe him. Baxi gets furious and goes from there.

Here, Charan ask Geoffrey that what he said to Baxi to make him anxious? To which latter laughs and says that he just need to use the traditional matter in order to create differences in Indians.

Kalyani looks at her mother’s potrait and smiles. She says that she is fulfilling her promise of keeping Mohan safe and caring for him like her own child. At that time Badamba and Mohan comes there. Mohan states that Kalyani looks exactly like their mother, while Badamba agrees. He tells Mohan about his and their mother’s story. He also apprises them that their mother was a warrior and states that how he got impressed with her in the first meeting itself.

Elsewhere, Radha shares her dissapointment regarding her parents behaviour. Subarna explains her about her parents turmoil and says that they only wants her good. Radha says that she doesn’t need jewelleries or anything to be happy, while Subarna states that she understands both of them and ask Radha not to get angry on her parents.

Gadadhar remembers his wife’s words and tries to break the lock of the door secretly to steal from there. At that time Radha comes there and confronts him. She says that his brother and mother trusts that he will surely support them one day, and gives him the key of the lock asking to break their trust. He shows his disappointment saying that they never considered him as a part of them and have always done partiality with him. He says that he have to think about his future generation too. He reminds Radha about the words she have said to him when she came to there house. He ask her to give his property while she looks on.

Ahead, Baxi visits Maharaja and questions him about giving their temple and land to British. Maharaja says that he don’t remember and states that they have made him sign some papers when he was in jal but he doesn’t know about it. Baxi says that they have betrayed him and declares a war. Baxi was about to leave, when Maharaja stops him and denies for any war.

Baxi gets shocked and tries to make him understand, but Maharaja says that he is living a misery life and can’t afford anymore insult. He says that he have no strength to fight again against the Britishers. He reminds Baxi that how they lost the first battle and says that they can’t win against British.

Further, Kalyani goes to give sword lesson to Mohan. At that time other kids also comes there and tells about their fear from British. She assures them and says that they have to give confidence to one another.

Radha tells about Gadadhar to Subarna. While, latter gets worried for her son. She says that she never differentiated in between her sons and decides to teach a lesson to Gadadhar, but Radha stops her and says that he will understand her. At that time Baxi comes there and shares his worry. His mother advice him to take help from other kingdom, while he remembers Badamba. He decides to visit there. Meanwhile, Badamba tells Kalyani that British have modern weapons and they won’t be able to defeat them. He says that they needs someone who can help them to destroy the British.

Precap:- Kalyani and Baxi fights with eachother. She ask for his name, while he snatches her sword. He was about to go, but she stops him.

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