Vidrohi 1st March 2022 Written Update: Baxi determines to get his palace back


Vidrohi 1st March 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Warren finding the hidden weapons inside the palace and gets furious at Radha. He blames her for lying to them and says that they will get punishment. He ask them to leave the palace and declares to seal it. Radha along with Subarna gets shocked learning about it and denies to accept his order. At that time Baxi comes there along with Kalyani and Bahubali. Radha gets elated seeing him, while he faces Warren and holds his collar in anger. He becomes furious and warns Warren to leave the palace. He proclaims that they won’t go anywhere from their palace and declares that they can keep anything inside their house, without being questioned.

Here, Subarna comes forward and ask Baxi to kill Warren, stating that he is just trying to scare them as he himself is afraid of the fight which is started against the Britishers. Whereas, Radha also comes forward and encourages Baxi to kill Warren. She says that they won’t leave the palace and insists Baxi to end Warren’s matter.

Baxi glares Warren while latter threatens that of anything happens to him, then his soldiers will shoot Gadadhar. Baxi looks at Gadadhar kneeling down and soldiers pointing guns at him. He gets worried worried for his brother and agrees to leave from there, but says that Gadadhar will also go with them.

Elsewhere, Warren says that if Baxi wants their palace back then they should appeal in Rodang court and fight against them to get the palace. Whereas, Baxi proclaims that they will soon come back to their home. Meanwhile, Gadadhar gets tensed thinking about leaving the palace and discuss about it with Amba. She declares that they can’t leave from there as it was their dream to rule like the head of the palace.

Gadadhar says that he can’t able to trust the Britishers and states that they can betray him. Whereas, Amba suggests him to follow the instruction of Warren and says that maybe he will start trusting him and reward him with the palace. Whereas, Kalyani discuss the matter with Baxi and shows her concern towards Radhamani.

Ahead, Kalyani states that Radha should not wander along with them in the jungle in her condition, whereas latter hears their conversation and interrupts Kalyani. She says that she will be with Baxi and ask Kalyani not to take decision for her. She also proclaims that she grown stronger along with her baby whenever she faces any bad situation.

Banthara sees Subarna checking out the palace and being emotional, while latter comforts her. They both prays in front of God, while at that time Tilottama rushes towards Subarna. She cries while Gadadhar and Amba gets shocked seeing her free. She notify everyone about Gadadhar’s betrayal, while Subarna gets furious and scolds her son. She takes the sword to harm him, when he snatches the sword and rebukes at his mother.

Further, Gadadhar confesses his crimes and declares to stay with the Britishers to help them. He warns Subarna while Baxi comes at that time and protects her. He gets furious at Gadadhar and proclaims to teach him a lesson. He warns that he won’t be able to stop himself from killing Gadadhar if he misbehaves with their mother. He also challenges to get back their palace.

Precap:- Gadadhar thinks that they have to do something so that Baxi looses his ability to do something. Warren suggest to kidnap Radha. Whereas, Kalyani fights with the British to protect Radhamani. Bahubali notify Baxi about Warren’s plan of harming Radha, while a soldier hits Kalyani on her head making her fall unconscious. They captures Radha and takes her along with them, while she gets worried for Kalyani and shouts her name.

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