Vidrohi 20th January 2022 Written Update: Kalyani gets shocked finding herself in Geoffrey’s custody


Vidrohi 20th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Kalyani waking up and sees Tilottama making drawings on Jthe kite. She gets confused and ask her about it, to which latter replies that her family believes, if anyone writes their wish on the kite and flies it away, then God surely fulfills it. She shows Kalyani her wish of getting Gadadhar and their child. Meanwhile, Kalyani remembers Baxi and her moments. She gets an idea and writes a message to Baxi asking him to come back to her and flies the kite away being excited. Meanwhile, she hears Subarna’s voice and goes out of the room.

Here, Subarna argues with the guard who doesn’t let her move freely inside the palace. Kalyani somehow calms Subarna and takes her aside. Subarna shares her worry about Bheem’s motive stating that earlier he left the palace because he had some evil motives which they denied to accept. She questions that if he still wants to fulfill those motives?

Banthara comes there and notify seeing Bheem writing a letter to someone. They all gets suspicious and Subarna questions that how they can able to learn about the matter? Kalyani replies that she can help and goes inside Bheem’s room with a plate of food. She gives it to him stating that they never disrespect the guest.

Elsewhere, she sees the papers where he writes letters and takes the paper from there without letting him notice. She throws the blank paper towards Subarna, when Bheem stops her. He ask her to eat the food to prove that she haven’t mixed any poison in it.

Banthara gets confused seeing blank paper, to which Subarna says that they can find out what Bheem have written in the letter by putting charcoal in the paper. They smudge the charcoal and reads the words. Subarna gets shocked learning about Bheem’s motive to send Kalyani to Fletcher.

Ahead, Kalyani eats the food and gets unconscious, while Subarna and Banthara gets inside to confront Bheem. They ask about Kalyani while he denies to tell anything. She takes the sword and threatens to kill him, while many guards surrounds her and unwillingly she backs off.

Kalyani wakes up and becomes shocked seeing Geoffrey Fletcher. He shows his despise towards her for marrying Baxi and ask the guards to keep an eye on her. Meanwhile, Baxi receives the kite of Kalyani and gets suspicious. He orders his guards to go back to Paika.

Further, Baxi fights with the British soldiers and rescues Kalyani. She gets elated upon seeing him but again gets unconscious. Meanwhile, Baxi’s soldiers saves his family from Bheem and his army. Whereas, Baxi also comes there carrying an unconscious Kalyani. Subarna gets elated upon seeing him, while Banthara gets furious noticing Kalyani in Baxi’s arms.

Precap:- Kalyani smiles seeing Baxi and ask if he saved her, as the same way a prince rescues his princess? She talks romantic with him, while he becomes nervous. He ask her to sleep and starts going away, but she stops him and drags him near her. She gets adamant to talk to him and both gets close to one another.