Vidrohi 22nd February 2022 Written Update: Radha notify Kalyani about Badamba Naresh’s deal


Vidrohi 22nd February 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Tilottama sneaking inside the locker room to steal Baxi’s signature stamp. She remembers Gadadhar’s demand to have it and goes inside the palace. She gets nervous and checks if her way is clear or not. She reaches near the locker and was about to open when Subarna comes there and confronts her. Tilottama gets shocked but manages to lie in front of her mother-in-law. She replies that she wants to take all her jewelleries and stuffs, so that Gadadhar will get satisfied and won’t be furious about being out of the palace. She says that she wants to have her jewelleries to stop Gadadhar from doing anything wrong.

Here, Subarna understands Tilottama and believed her lie. She takes the second key of the locker from Tilottama and opens the locker. She handles her the jewelleries and goes away from there. Whereas, the latter gets relieved.

Baxi gets worried thinking about the complications in his life. At that time Subarna comes there and ask him about his worry, to which he notify her about the differences in between Radha and Kalyani. He tells her about the promise to Radha that he won’t have a child from Kalyani, while Subarna gets shocked.

Elsewhere, Subarna ask if he have told Kalyani about the promise? To which he nods positively. She states that it’s a huge promise and if it gets broken then the baby have to suffer. She advice him to fulfill Radhamani’s promise and ask him to make Kalyani understand about it. She also advice him to tell Kalyani about the deal of Badamba Naresh.

Baxi shows his worry about losing Kalyani, while Subarna assures her that everything will get fine. Whereas, Kalyani roams around being sad remembering about Baxi’s promise. She gets flashes of his words and feel hurt. At that time she hears Radhamani and Subarna’s conversation. Subarna scolds Radha for her promise while latter tries to justify herself.

Ahead, Radha tells how she have sacrificed everything for Baxi’s happiness and have let him go to Kalyani. She shares how it pained her and questions that what Kalyani would have felt if it had happened to her? She also reminds about the previous promise of Baxi which he had broken and tells because of that she have taken such huge promise from him.

Subarna consoles Radha while Kalyani also feels bad. She goes inside her room while a servant brings an idol inside her room and keeps it there. Meanwhile, Radha shares her pain with Banthara. Whereas, she receives a letter from Badamba Naresh asking her to notify Kalyani about the truth of his deal with the Britishers. Banthara gets elated stating that it will solve their problem.

Further, Baxi confronts Kalyani and tries to convince her about the promise but she stops him stating that she understands him. She hugs him telling that she don’t want their child, while Baxi gets confused. At that time Radha comes there and notify Kalyani about Badamba Naresh’s deal with the Britishers while latter gets shocked.

Precap:- Kalyani rebukes Baxi for breaking her trust. She questions him for keeping it a secret from her. She declares that love is nothing without faith. Whereas, Baxi gets furious and starts throwing all the furnitures. Meanwhile, Radha gets scared seeing his behaviour.

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