Vidrohi 24th February 2022 Written Update: Baxi visits Maharaja Mukunda


Vidrohi 24th February 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Baxi leaving the palace to bring the deal papers from Britishers, while Kalyani stops him. She confronts him and apologises for doubting him. She says that now she understood that he was just trying to save her and wanted her to enjoy the wedding. She shows her gratitude towards him for caring about her, whereas he says that he have to fight against the Britishers as it is necessary. She reminds him about going to Pune along with her and suggest him about a plan to rebel against the Britishers. He agrees to her idea and goes along with her.

Here, Jaggu plays near his house and says that he will become like Baxi Jagabandhu. He shows his admiration towards Baxi, while at that time the Britishers comes. They suspects Jaggu while he denies to bend in front of them. His mother tries to stop him, while his father Shankar gets shocked seeing them. They gets furious and declares to punish the villagers.

Baxi and Kalyani comes near the village and shares a moment. She expresses her love for him, while at that time they gets shocked seeing Shankar’s dead body. Baxi remembers his flashback with Shankar and gets emotional. Whereas, his wife cries in front of the dead body. Villagers told Baxi how Britishers killed him as a punishment for Jaggu’s rebel.

Elsewhere, a women was about to cut Shankar’s wife hair as a custom because her husband died, but Kalyani stopped them. She says that they have to end such customs and focus on fighting against the Britishers. Meanwhile, Baxi also supports her and ends that custom right there in his kingdom.

Baxi and Kalyani goes to find Jaggu and sees him hiding inside the bed. They brings him out and tries to calm him as he was scared. He shares his trust and respect towards Baxi, while Kalyani feeds him and assures that nothing will happen to him. Baxi decides to meet Maharaja Mukunda in order to discuss the fight against the Britishers while Kalyani goes along with him.

Ahead, Banthara scolds Radha for sending Kalyani along with Baxi, while latter says that she only wants Baxi’s safety. She stands in support of Baxi, while her mother gets furious and goes away. Whereas, Gadadhar meets Warren and notify him about Baxi meeting Maharaja Mukunda. He says that he knows Britishers are trying to use him, but says that he have something via which they can’t betray him.

Gadadhar states that he hates his brother Baxi and they both have a common rival. He ask Warren to get along with him so that they can defeat Baxi, while at that time Warren learns about Shankar’s death also and appreciates his soldiers. He says that they have to keep the people afraid of them.

Further, Baxi goes inside Maharaja’s palace and ask the soldier about him, while he learns that Mukunda isn’t there. At that time Warren also comes there shocking Baxi. He offers to make Maharaja the President of the Jagarnath temple and ask the soldier to tell her offer to the Maharaja. Baxi understands his plan about trapping Mukunda into his plan and insists the soldier not to send the information to the Maharaja, but latter denies. Whereas, Warren tells that whoever will support them will get the chance to rule and whoever will go against, will die.

Precap:- Kalyani happily ask Baxi to announce his rebel against the Britishers. She along with the whole village determines to support Baxi. Whereas, the Britishers gets shocked seeing Baxi inside their office and tries to capture him but he escapes from there. Whereas, some Britishers also gets inside the Rodang palace, where Subarna stops them.

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