Vidrohi 25th October 2021 Written Update: Geoffrey provokes Gadadhar


Vidrohi 25th October 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Baxi along with his family and all Paika soldiers gathering for the ceremony. Baxi ask them to keep an eye all around as they are being watched. At that time Geoffrey along with Charan and many British soldiers comes there. Everyone gets shocked seeing their number, while Baxi comforts them. He confronts Geoffrey, while latter questions him for conducting Puja before the festival. Baxi replies him calmly stating that it’s for ending the evil. He taunts Geoffrey and goes to start the ceremony.

Here, Charan tells Geoffrey about Gadadhar and states that he is younger then Baxi but wants to be superior then him. Geoffrey smirks looking at Gadadhar and thinks about a ploy. Later, Charan says that he have done as per Geoffrey’s instructions. Whereas, Major Geoffrey orders his soldiers to be ready with their loaded guns to shoot. Soldiers gets panicked and questions if they really have to shoot all the people present there? To which Geoffrey glares him.

Baxi advice everyone to be calm and not to get provoked by Geoffrey. At that time Maharaja Mukunda comes there and everyone cheers his name. Gadadhar goes towards him to greet him, while latter ignores Gadadhar and comes forward towards Baxi. Gadadhar feels disappointed, while Baxi greets the king and shows his gratitude for coming in the ceremony.

Elsewhere, Baxi starts the Puja and the priest ask three of the soldiers to out their sword in front of the God. Gadadhar also stands there, but Baxi ask other Paika soldiers to out their swords. Gadadhar gets anxious but somehow controls himself.

Baxi ask the king to give a speech, while he says that he is nothing without his people. He says that they will die protecting their country and it will be an honour to serve their country. Baxi looks at the king being proud, while everyone cheers for him. Later, Baxi himself gives a speech and encourages all the people. He tells them about the meaning of Paika soldiers and tries to motivates them to fight against the British. He ask them to take the pledge.

Ahead, a soldier keeps provoking Gadadhar against Baxi. He states that the Gadadhar is the rightful owner of the place in which Baxi is standing, while Geoffrey and Charan smirks seeing their plan working. Charan ask that how Geoffrey will start shooting there without any reason? At that time Badamba Naresh comes there. Baxi sees him and goes to talk to him. He starts saying something privately, while Charan and Geoffrey identifies him.

Geoffrey sees Gadadhar leaving the ceremony and goes towards him. He taunts and makes fun of him, while Gadadhar tries to control his anger. A Paika soldier provokes him to teach Geoffrey a lesson and gives him a stone to attack the British. Gadadhar turns to go away, while Geoffrey again mocks him. Gadadhar gets furious and throws the stone hitting Geoffrey. Meanwhile, latter orders to start firing.

Further, Everyone gets shocked and starts running away. Baxi ask the soldiers to protect their king and womens along with kids. Whereas, Kalyani also comes there. Geoffrey gets angry seeing his soldiers die and aims to shoot Baxi. Badamba Naresh sees Geoffrey trying to shoot Baxi and runs towards him. He takes the bullet on himself and saves Baxi, while Kalyani gets shocked seeing it and shouts her father’s name. She runs towards him, whereas the king ask Baxi to take Badamba to the palace.

Everyone gets worried about Badamba, while Kalyani cries. Baxi holds Badamba’s hand and assures him that everything is fine. Kalyani gets furious seeing him holding her father’s hand and pushes him aside. She sits beside Badamba, while Radha and Subarna looks at Baxi.

Precap:- Kalyani blames Baxi for Badamba’s state. She scolds Baxi, while Radha comes forward to defend her husband and warns Kalyani. Meanwhile, Kalyani says that she doesn’t want to know about Baxi and their kingdom doesn’t need his help at all.

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