Vidrohi 26th February 2022 Written Update: Baxi gets caught by Warren


Vidrohi 26th February 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Kalyani going inside the jungle to meet the person who will supply them weapons. She meets a man who ask if she is Baxi’s wife, to which she replies positively and goes along with him. A British soldier confronts them and was about to arrest when Kalyani throws the mud on his eyes and fights with him to save herself. Whereas, Baxi gets inside the office of Britishers while the soldiers ask him to reveal his face. They forces him to remove the clothe from his face and gets shocked after recognising him. He orders to arrest Baxi but latter fights back along with his mens who were disguised in Britisher’s outfit and gets hold of the soldiers.

Here, Baxi orders to remove the soldiers from the office and then burns it. They gets successful in their mission, while Warren gets shocked after learning about it. He becomes furious and decides to teach a lesson to Baxi. He orders his means to catch Baxi and aslo finds out that they are trying to transfer weapons in the Rodang to prepare for fight.

Subarna ask Radha to be careful and look after herself. At that time a servant comes there and gives two letters for them along with the weapon bag. Subarna gets elated seeing the letter from Baxi and reads it. She becomes excited finding out that Baxi have started the first phase of rebel against the Britishers. He notify them about their plan and ask to stay strong.

Elsewhere, Gadadhar comes inside Radhamani’s room while both she and Subarna gets shocked seeing him. Subarna reminds him about his punishment and ask to go out of the palace, while Banthara reveals that she allowed him inside the palace. She says that Subarna should forgive him as he is repenting for his mistake.

Banthara reminds Subarna that Baxi even forgave Gadadhar and have let him stay inside the palace as he started trusting him, to which Radha replies that Baxi can’t be correct all the time. Banthara tells that if Gadadhar will stay with them then they will get courage and during the time of fight, they should have a male with them who can fight and protect them. Subarna replies that they are enough to look after themselves. Gadadhar asks for an oppertunity and insists them to trust him. Subarna finally agrees to give a chance to him.

Ahead, Gadadhar goes out of the room along with Banthara. She reminds him about their deal and ask him to look after Radha. Gadadhar smirks and gets into his work to support the Britishers. He finds a letter in which he learns that Baxi have sended weapons inside Rodang and asked him to find about it. He gets shocked learning about it and thinks that Baxi trusts Radha the most and thinks about invading her room to find the weapons.

Radha reads the letter sended by Baxi in which he have mentioned that how much he trust her and only she can help him in hiding the weapons. She sees the weapons and gets into thinking. Whereas, Gadadhar interrogates a servant that if something was brought inside the house, to which she replies that she doesn’t know about it. Radha sees him and gets suspicious but he acts to be innocent in front of her. He decides to throw Radha, Kalyani and Baxi out of the palace.

Further, Kalyani gets worried about Baxi but he comes back safely and hugs her. She excitedly asks him about everything, while he tells her how they burnt the Britisher’s office. She assures him that he will surely win. They goes to sleeping, while Baxi hears some voices and goes out to check. At that time Warren’s soldiers catches him, while Warren laughs and proclaims to punish him.

Precap:- Warren catches Baxi and blames him for burning their office. Baxi declares that he will burn him next, while Warren laughs and says that before that they will burn his wife Kalyani. He orders his soldiers and they sets the house into fire, where Kalyani was sleeping. Baxi shouts her name to wake her up but she doesn’t move being in deep sleep.

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