Vidrohi 26th November 2021 Written Update: Kalandi reminds Baxi about his promises


Vidrohi 26th November 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Kalyani getting excited seeing Kalandi, while he greets everyone. He gives all the gifts stating that Badamba Naresh have sended it. Meanwhile, Kalyani introduces him as their most trustworthy person, who is the commander of Badamba. He addresses Baxi as son-in-law while everyone gets shocked, but Radha reminds them that Badamba Naresh consider her as a daughter and that is why Baxi will be his son-in-law. Subarna assures Kalandi that they are taking proper care of Kalyani.

Here, Subarna questions about the health of Badamba Naresh, while Kalyani lies that he is not fully fine. Kalandi gets suspicious seeing the way everyone is calling Kalyani as Badamba princess and gets confused as Kalyani lies about her father’s health. Kalandi gives a letter to Kalyani stating that it is from her father. Tilottama ask her to read it, but Radha says that she can read it privately also.

Kalyani takes the letter and reads it in her mind. She gets emotional as Badamba Naresh stated that he is sending all the gifts for her and tells her that they are fine. He insists her not to worry about them and focus on her life with Baxi and his family.

Elsewhere, Kalyani lies that her father have sended the gifts for Radhamani. She states that he got to learn about Radha being pregnant and that is why sended all the gifts for her new beginning. Meanwhile, Tilottama questions that whom informed him about it? To which Baxi says that Kalyani had asked her to notify Badamba Naresh and so he have informed him.

Radha’s mother ask Kalyani to let Kalandi stay in guest room till she isn’t staying there. Kalandi gets confused hearing them and then notices that Kalyani isn’t wearing any bridal ornament. He declares that he wants to talk to her, while Baxi takes him towards the guest room.

Ahead, Kalyani says that she wants to talk to Kalandi regarding her father, but Subarna stops her asking her to open the gifts and give it to Radha from her own hands. Kalyani gets nervous and slowly opens the gifts. Everyone gets confused seeing the gifts, which are given after the wedding. Radha’s mother points out about it.

Subarna makes her understand that Kalyani doesn’t have her mother and Badamba Naresh doesn’t knew what to send to a pregnant lady. But, Radha’s mother says that some servant or others would have helped him in telling about it. All looks at Kalyani, while she stays silent. Tilottama says that maybe Kalyani is sad because her father haven’t sended anything for her. Meanwhile, Gadadhar goes away from there.

Further, Kalyani makes some excuse and leaves from there. Meanwhile, Kalandi confronts Baxi, whereas latter notify him about the critical condition of Radhamani. He declares that he can’t risk her life by telling the truth. Kalandi ask Baxi to remember his promises during marriage and tells about what Kalyani must be going through. He says that how Baxi’s family will treat Kalyani when they will learn about the truth, while Baxi looks at him. He also ask how he will notify Badamba Naresh about the situation.

Precap:- Kalandi notify Baxi and Kalyani that Badamba Naresh have sended one more letter to Kalyani in which he have mentioned about their marriage. They all worries that what if someone will read it? Baxi and Kalyani goes to find it, while Radha opens the letter and gets unconsious. Whereas, Baxi holds her being worried.

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