Vidrohi 2nd December 2021 Written Update: Radhamani feels betrayed by Baxi


Vidrohi 2nd December 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Baxi getting restless remembering Kalyani’s outburst on him, while Kalyani also doesn’t get sleep remembering Baxi’s accusations. Baxi looks at Radhamani who was sleeping beside him and feels guilty. He wakes up and thinks how he didn’t trusted Kalyani and have doubted her for revealing about their marriage. Whereas, Kalyani also gets up and remembers how Baxi proclaims her to be selfish. She gets furious but controls her anger and sleeps.

Here, Baxi looks at Radhamani while she wakes up. He ask about her health, to which she replies that she is fine. She then remembers herself murmuring about Kalyani’s wedding and questions Baxi about it. He says that he have heard her telling about Kalyani being married. She questions if Baxi knew about it, while he bends his head and replies positively.

Radha questions Baxi that why he haven’t told her about it earlier? To which he replies that he was bounded by promise. He says that it’s the matter in between Kalyani and her husband, so he couldn’t able to tell anyone else about it. Radhamani ask that if he knows who is Kalyani’s husband? To which he nodded.

Elsewhere, Radhamani ask him to tell about Kalyani’s husband but he denied stating about the promise he have given. Radha gets hurt and says that she never expected that he would hide anything from her. She says that she never considered him apart from her and always included him in herself. She goes away from there, while Baxi thinks that she got hurt just because he didn’t told her about Kalyani’s husband and thinks that what will be her condition of she gets to learn about his marriage with Kalyani. He decides to keep it secret from her for her betterment only.

Baxi ask Radhamani to trust him regarding the matter. He says that he don’t want to interfere in someone else’s life and requests Radha to have faith on him. She gives a sarcastic smile stating that she told Kalyani about the basic thing for marriage is trust and now she have to think about trusting Baxi.

Ahead, Radhamani does her puja in front of God’s idol. At that time Kalyani comes there and tries to convince Radha to forgive Baxi. She supports Baxi stating that he was bounded by promise and that is why he haven’t told her about the truth. Radha says that she never thought Baxi would hide anything from her and tells Kalyani about their relationship.

Kalyani tries to cheer Radhamani and ask her to play a game with her. Radha tries to deny but Kalyani emotionally blackmails her stating that she doesn’t have anyone to play with her as her husband left her and she couldn’t even meet her brother. Radha feels sympathy towards Kalyani and agrees to play. Meanwhile, Radha’s mother sees Kalyani with her daughter and gets furious.

Further, Kalyani and Radha talks about her husband and taunts him to be a foolish guy. Meanwhile, Kalyani sees Baxi and intentionally agrees to Radha and mocks Baxi. Whereas, he gets anxious hearing them. Radha says that she never expected Baxi to hide anything from her, while Kalyani ask her to forget it. Radha questions about Kalyani’s husband while she makes fun of him intentionally making Baxi hear it. Kalyani plays with Radha and says that she never likes to lose, while Baxi comes there and plays Radha’s chance making Kalyani lose.

Radha’s mother talks to Subarna regarding Baxi being distracted these days, while she gets confused and denies it. Later, she sees Kalyani, while latter ask about the purpose of celebration. Radha’s mother taunts her to get married, while she replies back that it is all decided by God. Meanwhile, Subarna tells Kalyani about the puja and says that Radha really believes in it. Kalyani decides to wish for Radha and Baxi’s relationship as she can’t see differences in between them.

Precap:- Baxi apologises to Radhamani while she forgives him. They both hugs eachother while Kalyani sees them. Radha notify Baxi about the puja for the married womens and ask his for making Kalyani do the ritual, hiding from everyone else.

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