Vidrohi 3rd March 2022 Written Update: Radha shows her gratitude towards Kalyani


Vidrohi 3rd March 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Baxi and Bahubali learning about the kidnapping of their family and goes to rescue them. Bahubali tells that they don’t have the soldiers ready, to which Baxi replies that they will trick the Britishers to defeat them. He determines to save his family and goes towards the palace while Bahubali follows him. Meanwhile, Banthara worries about Kalyani and Subarna tells her that their is a candle at the back of her. Banthara tries to go backwards and burns her rope to free herself. She gets successful and hurridly unties Subarna also. She looks at Kalyani being unconscious and starts sprinkling water upon her after untying her.

Here, Kalyani gets conscious and ask about Radhamani. Banthara tells how Gadadhar have kept her in some other room and planned to kill her. They gets worried for Radha, while a soldier sees them free and gets inside the room. He aims his gun at Kalyani and threatens to kill them, while she fights with him and takes the gun.

Kalyani ties the guards with the ropes and interrogates him about Radhamani. They gets shocked learning that Radha is being captive and Gadadhar have filled her room with poisonous gas to kill her. She rushes towards the room to find Radha, whereas Gadadhar keeps seeing the time waiting for Radha to die.

Elsewhere, Kalyani finds Radha and hurridly frees her. They were about to go from there when Gadadhar comes there and aims gun at them. Kalyani stands in front of Radha and declares to protect her. Gadadhar mocks them and decides to kill both the wifes of Baxi. Kalyani faces him strongly and ask Radha to go away from there.

Kalyani praises Radha and shows her respect for her in front of Gadadhar. She gets concerned for Radha and ask her to leave the poisonous room as it is dangerous for her child. Radha denies to go away leaving Kalyani, but latter somehow convinces her to leave.

Ahead, Kalyani fights with Gadadhar but starts feeling dizzy due to the poisonous gas. She shoots at Gadadhar but misses the aim and faints. Whereas, Baxi also gets inside the palace and meets Subarna and Banthara. He shows his concern about Radha and Kalyani, while at that time Radha comes there.

Radha tells Baxi about the matter while they gets inside the room to save Kalyani. Radha gets worried for her and checks her pulse. She becomes relaxed stating that Kalyani is fine. Soon, the latter gets conscious while Radha shows her gratitude towards Kalyani.

Further, Warren threatens to kill Baxi and his family, while latter takes stand for his loved ones. At that time Badamba Naresh with the Paika soldiers comes inside and arrests Warren. Meanwhile, Radha praises Kalyani for always protecting the family, while latter insists her to leave the palace till she delivers her baby, as there is danger to her life. Radha says that she will accept Kalyani’s request only if she will fulfill her condition.

Precap:- Baxi and Kalyani goes on a mission to fight against the Britishers. Radhamani prays for them, while Subarna appreciates her. At that time Radha gets into the labour. Whereas, Warren catches Kalyani and the guards brings a man with face being covered telling him to be Baxi. Warren threatens to kill both of them, while Kalyani gets scared as they points gun at Baxi.

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