Vidrohi Upcoming Story: Baxi to apologise to Radhamani!


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Star Plus popular daily soap Vidrohi is grabbing the attention of the audiences with its high voltage drama. The curiousity to know whether Baxi will win against the Britishers or not, is keeping the viewers hooked to their television screens.

In the earlier episode, Baxi gets the documents of Badamba and Warren’s partnership. Meanwhile, Radha insists Kalyani and him to destroy the papers together. Whereas, Baxi also apologises to Radha for not spending time with her during her pregnancy. She gets emotional but controls herself. Bahubali tells that Warren will get mad after seeing the documents being destroyed, to which Baxi replies that they have to do something bigger then this, to teach them a lesson.

Here, Baxi takes oath along with Kalyani to free Pune from the captive of Britishers. Whereas, Radha also pledge to aid all the injured Paika soldiers. She also puts forward a condition in front of Baxi and Kalyani and ask them to look after one another, which they accepts happily.

Radha starts helping the soldiers while Banthara and Subarna appreciates her. She gets Baxi’s letter in which he explained about his plan to get access to the temple. Whereas, she prays for both Baxi and Kalyani’s safety.

Ahead, Kalyani explain the plan to all the soldiers and they gets ready to attack. Whereas, Warren shows his gratitude towards Gadadhar and Amba for helping them. At that time a soldier meets Warren and notify him about Baxi’s plan. Upon getting questioned by Warren he replies that he wants the safety of his family and so he is betraying Baxi.

Warren gets hold of Kalyani and his soldiers brings a man proclaiming him to be Baxi, but Warren gets shocked after seeing his face. The mna is revealed to be Bahubali, while Kalyani smirks as their plan to distract Warren gets successful, whereas Baxi rescues Maharaja Mukund. Warren gets mad at them, while Paika soldiers takes him away.

Later, Radha gets labour pain and delivers a baby boy. She wishes to meet Baxi. Meanwhile, Baxi celebrates his victory along with Maharaja and his family. He holds his son for the first time and gets emotional.

Now in the upcoming episode, Warren will get shocked seeing his soldiers being dead. At that time Baxi will confront him and threatens to kill him. Meanwhile, Gadadhar will take Kalyani and Radhamani into captive and fills the room with gunpowder to kill them. Warren will notify about it to Baxi and smirks stating that soon they are going to die. Meanwhile, Subarna will point gun at Gadadhar and proclaims to kill him.

Will Baxi be able to save his wife?
Will Warren get his punishment?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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