Vidrohi Upcoming Story: Baxi to get caught by Warren!


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The peculiar twist in the tale of Star Plus historical daily soap Vidrohi is enthralling the audiences. The story is gearing up for some intense action in Baxi and Kalyani’s life.

In the earlier episode, Kalyani fights with the British soldier to send the weapons safely to Rodang. Whereas, Baxi gets inside the Britisher’s office along with his mens disguised in Britisher’s outfit and faces the soldiers. They removes the clothe from Baxi’s mouth and gets shocked seeing his face. They were about to catch him, when he starts fighting with them and then he along with his mens burns the whole office after taking the soldiers out of there.

Here, Warren gets furious at Baxi after learning about his deeds. He also learns about the weapons being transferred to Rodang and sends a message to Gadadhar to find about it.

Subarna and Radha receives letters from Baxi along with the weapons. Subarna reads the letter and gets elated learning that Baxi have started the rebel against the Britishers. He notify about his plan, while latter feels proud of him and says that Radha’s baby will continue their league.

Ahead, Banthara brings Gadadhar inside the palace while Subarna objects about it. Banthara says that they should be together in that situation while Gadadhar acts emotional and requests his mother to give a chance to him. She agrees to let him stay, while Banthara reminds him about their deal that he have to support Radha against Kalyani.

Gadadhar receives a letter from Warren and learns about the weapons. He concludes that Baxi trusts Radha and decides to check her room to find it. Whereas, Radha sees him asking the servant about weapons and gets suspicious, but he handles the situation with his emotional act. Whereas, Radha reads her letter in which Baxi asked her to hide the weapons safely.

Later, Kalyani assures Baxi that he will win the fight against the Britishers. Meanwhile, they goes to sleep but Baxi gets alerted hearing some noices and moves out to check. Warren catches Baxi and orders his soldiers to burn the house where Kalyani was sleeping. Baxi shouts her name asking to wake up but the guards doesn’t let him.

Now in the upcoming episode, Warren will catche Baxi and blames him for burning their office. Baxi will declare that he will burn him next, while Warren laughs and says that before that they will burn his wife Kalyani. He will order his soldiers and they sets the house into fire, where Kalyani was sleeping. Baxi will shout her name to wake her up but she doesn’t move being in deep sleep.

Will Radha find out about Gadadhar’s truth?
Will Kalyani gets saved?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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