Vidrohi Upcoming Story: Baxi to motivates Paika soldiers


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The intriguing storyline of Star Plus newly launched show “Vidrohi” is keeping the audiences curious with its twist and turns.

In the earlier episode, Baxi gathers all the Paika soldiers for the ceremony. Meanwhile, Geoffrey along with his soldiers also comes there making everyone shocked. Baxi confronts him and ask his people to be aware of them. Geoffrey orders his soldiers to be ready to start shooting.

Here, Charan tells Geoffrey about Gadadhar and they plans to provoke him. At that time Maharaja Mukunda comes there and goes directly towards Baxi, ignoring Gadadhar. Geoffrey notices it, while Charan sends one of their people in the Paika soldier and he starts instigating Gadadhar against Baxi.

Baxi starts the ceremony and ask him three soldiers to keep their sword in front of God as asked by the priest, while Gadadhar gets disappointed as he doesn’t ask him to keep the sword. Later, Baxi and the King gives a motivational speech and ask the soldiers to take an oath tk protect their country at any cost.

Ahead, Badamba Naresh comes there and talks something privately with Baxi. Geoffrey and Charan spots him, while Geoffrey goes towards Gadadhar a he sees him leaving the ceremony. He mocks Gadadhar to provoke him, while latter throws the stone on him. Geoffrey orders his soldiers to shoot and everyone starts running away.

Baxi commands to protect the king and the womens. He fights against the British soldiers and kills them, while Geoffrey gets furious and aims towards Baxi. Kalyani also comes there, while Badamba sees Geoffrey aiming at Baxi and runs towards him to save Baxi. He gets injured by the bullet, while Kalyani gets shocked and runs towards him shouting his name.

Later, they brings Badamba Naresh to their house. Baxi assures himand keeps holding his hand, while Kalyani gets furious and pushes him aside. She sits beside her father and gets emotional seeing his state.

Now in the upcoming episode, Kalyani will blame Baxi for Badamba’s condition. She will scold and threatens Baxi, while Radha will defend her husband and gives a stern warning to Kalyani. Meanwhile, Kalyani will say that she doesn’t want to know anything about Baxi and declares that their kingdom doesn’t need his help.

Will Badamba Naresh survive?
What Kalyani will do now?
Will Geoffrey again try to marry Kalyani?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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