Vidrohi Upcoming Story: Baxi to regret doubting Kalyani


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The intriguing storyline of Star Plus newly launched show “Vidrohi” is keeping the audiences curious with its twist and turns.

In the earlier episode, Baxi regrets doubting on Kalyani about telling the truth regarding their marriage to Radhamani. He feels restless, while Kalyani also gets furious at him for accusing her. She remembers his outburst and proclaims him to be rude. She also remembers how he declares her to be selfish and gets angry.

Here, Radha wakes up and questions Baxi if she told him anything about Kalyani’s marriage during her sleep? To which he replies positively. She ask that if he knew about Kalyani’s wedding? To which he nods and says that he haven’t told her because he was bound by the promise. She ask him about Kalyani’s husband, to which he denies to tell because of the promise, while she felt hurt.

Radha says that she never expected him to hide anything from her. She ask if their relationship is not so strong? She states that she have never considered him apart from her and have always told him about everything.

Ahead, Baxi tries to make Radha understand about his situation but she goes away from there. Kalyani meets Radha and tries to make her forgive Baxi. She says that he was bounded by promise and requests her to forgive him. Meanwhile, Radha says that she never expected that he would hide something from her. She reminds Kalyani that trust is the basic foundation of any relationship.

Kalyani tries to cheer Radha and makes her play a game. Meanwhile, Radha’s mother gets anxious seeing Kalyani near her daughter. Radha questions Kalyani about her husband while she looks at Baxi and intentionally says bad about her husband. Radha agrees to Kalyani and both makes fun of him.

Later, Radha’s mother ask Subarna to keep an eye on Baxi’s as his behaviour is changing. Subarna gets confused, while Kalyani comes there and Radha’s mother goes towards her. Kalyani ask about the purpose of celebration, to which Radha’s mother taunts her. Kalyani replies her back, whereas Subarna notify her about the importance of Puja. Kalyani decides to pray for Radha and Baxi’s relationship.

Now in the upcoming episode, Baxi will apologise to Radhamani while she will forgive him. They both will hug eachother forgetting their differences. Meanwhile Kalyani will see them and hears their conversation. Radha will notify Baxi about the puja for the married womens and ask his help for making Kalyani do the ritual, hiding from everyone else.

Will Baxi be able to tell the truth to Radhamani?
Will Radha accept Baxi and Kalyani’s marriage?
Will Kalyani agrees to do the ritual for her husband?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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