Vidrohi Upcoming Story: Gadadhar to seek Bheem’s help!


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Star Plus popular daily soap Vidrohi is grabbing the attention of the audiences with its high voltage drama. The curiousity to know whether Kalyani be able to defeat Bheem along with Gadadhar and Amba, is keeping the viewers hooked to their television screens.

In the earlier episode, Gadadhar escapes from the palace by shielding himself with Tilottama. Meanwhile, a guard sees him and was about to capture him, but Amba comes to Gadadhar’s rescue and saves him. They both expresses their love for each other and plans to ask help from Gadadhar’s uncle, Bheem.

Here, Gadadhar and Amba gets inside Bheem’s palace and talks about his qualities. They tells him about the matter and insists to help them. Whereas, he assures to get Rodang back to them.

Kalyani sees Tilottama crying and goes to comfort her, but latter starts blaming Kalyani for all the mess. She accuses that Kalyani always wanted to separate her from Gadadhar, while latter tries to explain her about the truth. Tilottama gets furious and throws Kalyani out of the room.

Ahead, Banthara mocks Kalyani, while latter gives a befitting reply. Banthara gets furious and goes away, while Kalyani questions the guard about Gadadhar, to which he apologises stating that they couldn’t able to trace him.

A guard comes to Kalyani and notify her about Rodang being attacked by soldiers. Kalyani gets shocked seeing soldiers invading their palace and takes the sword preparing herself to fight, but have to give up, when a soldier takes Tilottama into captive.

Later, Bheem showed himself making Subarna dumbstruck. He mocks her for making her adopted son Baxi as the leader and tells that even he beared the same partiality. He states that he will give Gadadhar his rights and then smirks meeting Kalyani. He gives a warning to her and announces that now Rodang is under his control.

Now in the upcoming episode, Bheem will order the guards to keep an eye on everyone. Meanwhile, Kalyani will go to meet Bheem. She will confront him, while he says that he knew she will surely come to meet him. He will smirk stating that she can never understand his game plan, while she looks on.

What problems will Kalyani face?
Will Gadadhar return back along with Amba?
How Kalyani will defeat Bheem?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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