Vidrohi Upcoming Story: Gadadhar to threaten Banthara


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The gripping storyline of Star Plus popular daily soap Vidrohi, filled with twist and plots; makes it engaging to the audiences. Gadadhar holds Tilottama captive in order to escape from the prison and gets successful. Meanwhile, Kalyani and Subarna sends Radhamani to a safe place. Will Kalyani be able to catch Gadadhar or will latter gets his revenge by killing her?

In the earlier episode, Kalyani orders the guards of Gadadhar’s prison to be attentive, while latter mocks her. She gives him a befitting reply and leaves from there. Meanwhile, Banthara hears their conversation and goes to visit Gadadhar. She shows ber sympathy towards him, while he threatens to reveal her truth in front of everyone.

Here, Banthara gets scared of Gadadhar and promises to help him in escaping the prison. She goes to convince Radhamani to help him and reminds that how he have done everything for her. She also tells that Gadadhar have always support her, while latter stays silent.

Tilottama tries to convince Subarna and ask not to punish Gadadhar, but latter denies her request. Subarna declares that she do fair judgement, while Tilottama cries for her husband.

Ahead, Subarna aids Kalyani’s wound and blames herself for Gadadhar’s sins. Meanwhile, Kalyani assures her and stating that a person is himself responsible for his actions. She comforts Subarna and ask not to accuse herself.

Tilottama meets Gadadhar, while he traps her in his fake love. He tells that he only wanted to remove Kalyani from Radha’s life and instigates Tilottama against Kalyani. She falls in his trap and makes the guards open the prison.

Gadadhar smirks and helds Tilottama as captive. He locks the guards inside the prison and runs away from there. Meanwhile, Kalyani and Subarna convinces Radha to shift to a safe place till her delivery. Whereas, Kalyani gets shocked seeing Gadadhar missing from the prison.

Further, Kalyani tries to catch Gadadhar but stays back as Tilottama was in danger. Gadadhar pushes Tilottama and jumps off from the palace. Kalyani orders the guards to catch Gadadhar, whereas Subarna shows her gratitude towards Kalyani.

Now in the upcoming episode, Banthara will taunt Kalyani for ordering like a queen and reminds about her identity of a Kuldasi. Meanwhile, Kalyani will confront Tilottama and scolds her releasing Gadadhar, just to fulfill her duty as a wife. Whereas, latter will taunt Kalyani stating that she can’t understand her intentions and accuses her for stealing other’s husbands. She will throw Kalyani out of her room, leaving her shocked.

Will Kalyani be able to find Gadadhar?
Will Banthara gets exposed?
Will Tilottama realise her mistake?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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