Vidrohi Upcoming Story: Radha to take stand for Baxi against Banthara!


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The storyline of Star Plus historical drama Vidrohi is going through alot of twist and turns to engage the audiences.

In the earlier episode, Kalyani apologises to Baxi for misunderstanding him and tries to stop him from risking his life, but he denies telling about his oath to bring back the documents. She decides to go along with him and tells him about a plan to start their rebel against the Britishers. He agrees to her and they both proceed towards the village.

Here, the Britishers gets furious seeing Jaggu standing against them and declares to punish the whole village. They kills his father Shankar, while Baxi and Kalyani gets shocked seeing his dead body. Baxi remembers his moments with Shankar and becomes emotional.

Baxi and Kalyani learns about the matter and then they also ends the custom to make the women bald after her husband’s death. They pledges to rebel against the Britishers and get back their land. Whereas, later they goes to find Jaggu and consoles him.

Ahead, Banthara scolds Radha for her decision and reminds about Baxi and Kalyani’s closeness, but latter shows her trust upon Baxi. Whereas, Gadadhar meets Warren and tells him about Baxi’s plan. He offers to help Warren and ask to help him back. He also tells that he knows they were using him against Baxi and says that he have something which can destroy them, if they betrays him.

Baxi and Kalyani decides to seek Maharaja Mukunda’s help to fight against the Britisher and Baxi goes to his palace to tell him about him plan, while Gadadhar also notify Warren about Baxi’s plan of meeting Maharaja.

Later, Baxi visits the palace but learns that Maharaja isn’t there. At that time Warren also comes there and offers a deal to Maharaja. He orders the soldier to notify the king, while Baxi gets furious at him decoding his plan about luring the king to stop him from fighting against them.

Now in the upcoming episode, Kalyani will excitedly ask Baxi to announce his rebel against the Britishers. She will determine to support Baxi along with the whole villagers. Whereas, the Britishers will get shocked seeing Baxi inside their office and tries to capture him but he escapes from there. Whereas, some Britishers will also get inside the Rodang palace, where Subarna stops them.

Will Baxi and Kalyani gets successful in their fight against the Britishers?
Will Baxi be able to meet Maharaja Mukunda?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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