Vidrohi Upcoming Story: Subarna to console Tilottama!


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Star Plus historical show Vidrohi has been always appreciated for it’s unique storyline. The tracks were filled with twists and turns, to keep its viewers on the edge of their seats. Finally, the show has comes to an end with the victory of Paika soldiers and freedom of Orissa against the Britishers.

In the earlier episode, Baxi pledges to raise his son in an independent Rodang. Whereas, Maharaja Mukund encourages Baxi and shows his support towards him. They determines to win against the Britishers, whereas a soldier informs Baxi about Bahubali’s death. Everyone gets shocked learning about it and shows their condolences.

Here, Baxi plans to confront Warren and spikes the drinks of British soldiers to make them unconscious. Meanwhile, he faces Warren and threatens him for his life. He ask him to sign on the contract in between their for peace, but latter denies to do it.

Kalyani goes to arrest Gadadhar and Amb, but latter uses Radhamani as bait and kidnaps both Kalyani and her. He ploys to kill them and to explode the palace. Whereas, Warren notify about it to Baxi and states that Gadadhar will stop only by his order.

Ahead, Warren ask Baxi to leave him while latter thinks about Kalyani and denies to agree to Warren’s deal. He warns to burn him alive, while Warren gets scared and agrees to sign on the contract papers.

Subarna comes to rescue Radha and Kalyani and points gun at Gadadhar. He makes fun of his mother stating that she can’t kill him, while without having any other option she shoots him. Everyone gets shocked, while Amba and Tilottama cries seeing their husband dead.

Later, Baxi learns about Gadadhar’s death while Tilottama shares her pain. Subarna consoles her and advice to adopt Hari. Whereas, for many years Britishers tried to find Baxi, but couldn’t get successful. They even fails to rule Orissa and agreed to follow Baxi’s conditions. Geoffrey gets fired from his position and Warren also gets punished. Meanwhile, Paika soldiers were considered to be the first rebellion in the history to fight against the East India Company.