Vidrohi Upcoming Story: Warren to find the hidden weapons!


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Star Plus historical serial Vidrohi is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

In the earlier episode, Warren gets furious at Radha after finding the hidden weapons inside the palace and declares to seal the palace. Whereas, Baxi comes there and confronts him. They denies to leave their house and determines to fight against the Britishers. Subarna and Radhamani encourages Baxi to kill Warren, while latter threatens them with Gadadhar’s life.

Here, Baxi gets concerned for his brother and leaves Warren. Whereas, Gadadhar shows his emotional drama towards his family. Warren ask them to fight against him through the court, while Baxi determines to get their palace back.

Kalyani shows her worry towards Radha’s condition and ask Baxi to talk to her denying to let her go with them inside the Jungle. Radha hears their conversation and ask Kalyani to stay out of her matter and proclaims to be along with Baxi.

Ahead, Gadadhar gets tensed thinking about leaving the palace while Amba ask him to win Warren’s trust by helping him and assures that they will give the palace to them. She remembers her plan of living with Gadadhar and their son.

Tilottama frees herself and notify everyone about the truth of Gadadhar’s betrayal. Subarna gets furious and confronts her son. She puts sword in front of him and threatens to kill him, while he fights back.

Later, Baxi takes stand for Subarna and rebukes Gadadhar for his misbehaviour. He determines to teach his brother a lesson while latter decides to stay with Warren inside the palace and help the Britishers. Whereas, Baxi proclaims to win the case against the Britishers and get back the palace.

Now in the upcoming episode, Gadadhar will think about a plan to break Baxi’s confidence. Warren will suggest him about kidnapping Radhamani. Whereas, Kalyani will fight with the British soldiers to protect Radha. Bahubali will notify Baxi about Warren’s plan of harming Radha, while a soldier hits Kalyani on her head making her fall unconscious. They will capture Radha and takes her along with them, while she gets worried for Kalyani and screams her name.

Will Baxi be able to save Radhamani?
Will Gadadhar realise his mistake?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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