Vidrohi Upcoming Story: Will Kalyani apologise to Geoffrey


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Star Plus newly launched historical-drama “Virodhi” is all set to serve the audiences with great performances. The story is based on the real life of Odia freedom fighter “Baxi Jagabandhu, who fought the British in the times of pre-independence.

In the current track, Kalyani refuses to accept Geoffrey’s deal, while he ask her to be ready to face the consequences. Everyone scolds her for her action, whereas she defends herself stating that she can’t let her kingdom fall weak in front of the British. They ask her to apologise to Geoffrey, but she denies and stays adamant to fight against them.

Here, Gadadhar shows his disappointment regarding his family’s decision. He says that they always treats him unfair and denies to be with them in the fight against the British. Radha handles the situation, while later her parents comes there. They also advice Baxi not to fight against Geoffrey and insists to accept the deal as it will benifit him.

Radha stands for her husband and ask her parents not to doubt Baxi’s strength. She declares that she will always be with her husband and encourages him by saying that he can do anything. Her father understands her and says that he won’t interfere in between their matter and leaves.

Elsewhere, Baxi receives a letter from Britishers and gets shocked after reading it. He denies to accept the order as it states that they can’t serve their Maharaja anymore. He gets furious and decides to face Geoffrey. He leaves with his soldiers, while Subarna ask Radha to prepare for the war.

Kalyani teaches sword fight to her brother and gets determine to fight against the British. She also receives a letter and gets dumbstruck.

Gadadhar’s wife provokes him against his family and ask tk get his property from them. Meanwhile, Baxi faces Geoffrey, who was wrestling to pour his anger out. Baxi denies to accept Geoffrey’s offer, while latter taunts him. They both takes their weapon out and aims on one another.

Now in the upcoming episode, Suwarna will advice Baxi to get help from other kingdoms. He will recall Badamba’s name. Meanwhile, Kalyani will stop Baxi and both will fight with eachother. He will notify her about the problem, while she will say that her kingdom doesn’t need any help. Later, he will ask that what if Geoffrey will do the same with her kingdom?

Will Baxi and Kalyani be able to defeat the British?
What Geoffrey will do next?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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