Wo Toh Hai Albela Upcoming Story: Anjali to threaten Saroj indirectly?


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Star Bharat’s popular show Wo Toh Hai Albela starring Shaheer Sheikh and Hiba Nawab currently focuses onStar Bharat’s newly launched popular show Wo Toh Hai Albela starring Shaheer Sheikh and Hiba Nawab currently focuses on Sayuri breaking Kanha’s heart.

Earlier its seen that Saroj and Anjali witnessed Kanha’s love for Sayuri. Now it will be seen that Anjali will threaten Saroj indirectly.

Previously we have seen that, Kanha was about to set Anjali’s room in guest room when Anjali tried talking to him about Sayuri. Kanha asked her to stay away from his relationship with Sayuri. At dining hall, Anjali sits with Kanha and tried serving him but he refused. He announced that he would definitely bring back Sayuri home by evening. E

veryone got happy hearing it except Anjali, Saroj and Kusum. At Sayuri’s House, she refused all her birthday celebrations and got ready to go to college. Her family got worried about her and entrusted on Kanha. Anjali asked Kanha to take her to doctor to stop him from meeting Sayuri but Nakul offered to take her.

Kanha met with Sayuri and cut birthday cake with her. He confessed his love to her and refused to back off from their relationship. Anjali witnessed it but still don’t want to believe it. She swore to become Kanha’s wife at any cost. Kanha kept making Sayuri to recall their moments together.

In the future episodes we will witness, Kanha will say Sayuri that he would not back off. Anjali will say Saroj that if her father gets to know that she tried to commit suicide then he will definitely file a case against Kanha shocking Saroj.

Is this the end of Sayuri and Kanha’s relationship? Will Saroj gets Kanha and Anjali married?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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